Friday, February 12, 2021

Review: The Hunt (By Kiss and Claw #2)

Author Melissa Haag
Format e-ARC
Print Length 377 pages
Publisher self
Published Feb. 2, 2021

I was fine existing on copious amounts of chocolate. But, thanks to Fenris’s less than helpful intervention, Mom’s building a nightclub named “Man-beef Buffet.” My hell is only beginning.

Hounded by the Academy's guidance counselor, smothered by her mother, and harassed by a perverted brownie, Eliana’s patience for well-meaning help is thinning. She has more important matters on her plate. Like, dealing with the repercussions of a backfired spell while avoiding the local, hot werewolf.

When something starts stalking her, Eliana decides she’s done playing by everyone else’s rules. She might be afraid to feed, but she’s far from weak. The beast pursuing her will soon feel what it’s like when the hunter becomes the hunted.

Warning: Contains a starving succubus with violent reactions to sex toys, a loving mom who supports nudism, and a brownie with fertility issues. Recommended for mature teen readers and up.

My Opinion

The Hunt is the second book in the By Kiss and Claw series. There will be spoilers from the first book, The Howl, consider yourself warn…Welcome to Utirra…where being yourself is supposed to be accepted. Even if you are an alpha heir who doesn’t want a mate, or a succubus who would rather starve than feed. Ashlyn is still missing and Eliana is desperate to find her. Her momma is still in town and she is desperate for Eliana to embrace her nature. With all these well-meaning adults, it is a wonder who Eliana turned out to be so mature.

Being a succubus must be hard. Being a succubus who was raised with the notion that her very existence is wrong makes it even harder. Eliana avoids feeding, her avoidance has a lot to do with her reluctance to act in her very nature. After meeting her father, I can 110% see why she is literally starving herself. I mean with parents who are the polar opposites, I completely get her stance on not feed and not accepting suitors. With her powers, how can she be sure that anyone interested in her is really interested in her or just interested due to her very nature.

Heir to the alpha wolf in the community Fenris is under pressure to take a mate. So much pressure that the girls in his pack can’t truly be friends due to the competition for Fenris’ attention. Only no one has realized that since Eliana came to town, Fenris’ attention has been solely on her. He really is an amazing guy, understanding Eliana’s reluctance to feed. He takes it upon his self to find a work around. One that no one knows about not even Eliana. He positions himself to be with her often now that Megan is out of town. He conditions her to accept his hugs and his playful nature. The only question is how long will his patience last before he gives up on her.

I am so frustrated with Eliana at the end of this book. Fenris is perfect for her, and she keeps pushing him away. I can’t even. Girl! Come on…..I feel like Eliana and Fenris are mates but she won’t accept it. I get why but dang.

That ending… I don’t even know how you come back from that. It isn’t a cliffhanger more like did she really do that? I kinda hope that she has to chase Fenris in the next book because wolf shifter is pretty perfect.

My Rating 4 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “Get in here, chipmunk. It’s time for another huggle.”

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