Monday, January 29, 2018

Review: Torment (Origin #3)

Author Scarlett Dawn
Format e-book
Print Length 230 pages
Publisher self
Published September 12, 2017

The bestselling, pulse-pounding Origin series returns with Torment,
an electrifying new tale that dives into the underbelly of New City. In the ravaged future when goodwill is vital, trickery and vice lurk in the darkest corners.

Megan Marshall is well acquainted with torment. Her father’s sick ‘experiments’ on his only daughter wrecked any sense of normalcy she ever dreamt of. Her life is one trial after another to stay ahead of him—and his mind games.

Enter Rune Mason…
He’s a wicked, playful beast. But don’t judge him. He enjoys his carnal pleasures and bloody battles, with equal delight. The day he meets the sassy Megan Marshall, he knows his world’s screwed—in the best way.

He wants her. He’ll do anything to have her.
Including taking on her father whose never been beaten at his own games. 

Rune has always loved a challenge.
Megan has too. She won’t be won over that easily. 

My Opinion

Torment, the third book in the Origin series, picks up right after the big cliffhanger of Transcend. This one really does live up to its’ name. Not only were the characters in the story tormented by Mr. Valentine, but those who had grown to love certain characters were also tormented. This book focus is very much the aftermath of the previous, and so I feel like this one is not really a book about the relationship of Rune and Megan but more about reacting to what is going one from Transcend.

Megan can hold her own against, the other two female characters- Poppy and Mina. In fact, Megan can even hold her own against the guys. She goes in knowing that she is an equal, which is interesting given her background with her dad. She is like that song- I get knocked down, but I get up again…You are never gonna keep me down. After all the mind games her father has done to her, you can imagine how screwed up she should be. Yet, she isn’t. She is pretty well balanced and just wants to live her life. I also appreciate that she wants to take care of herself. Even when given the opportunity for others to take care of her, she says no. She is independent and you gotta give props to a gal like that.

Rune is interesting in that he wants to protect Megan but he knows she will be skiddish. So he does it on the sly. This is very sneaky and pantherish of him. This makes him one of my favorites in the series. He totally protects her the entire book without her knowing it. I really love how he stands up to her father who completely deserves any knock down fight that comes his way. The chemistry between these two is magical, and I like how it builds throughout the book.

“The Game” was cruel and horrible. It was resolved in such a way that my heart broke and my eyes were watery. I know that there must have been a reason for what occurred. I just am not sure if the reason is going to be big enough in my opinion to make up for the betrayal. I won’t have to wait too long though since I finished this one right before the next one comes out.

My Rating 3 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote Laughter and love are good for the soul.

Other People

Finn- Rune’s besties, white tiger
Cass- Rune’s bestie, seer- fox
Wolfe- Rune’s besties, wolf
Alaric- Rune’s besties, bear
Mr. Valentine- the evil baddie

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  1. I haven't read the previous instalments yet, but from what I gather this is an interesting series. I like that you found the chemistry between these two magical, and I hope you are going to like the next book even more :)