Monday, January 22, 2018

Review: Chosen One

Author Scarlett Dawn
Format e-ARC
Print Length 373 pages
Publisher Escape Publishing
Published December 4, 2017

The next book in the best-selling Forever Evermore series as Caro goes where no spirit elemental has gone before...

When Philip Masterson sends Caro back in time, he doesn’t expect to set off a series of events that will see her return stronger and more powerful than ever before. But her time spent with the Prodigies, Kings, and Elders in the nineties has long-reaching consequences that no one could have foreseen, consequences that increase tensions between the Mystical leadership when peace is needed.

Then Caro discovers something that changes the entire trajectory of her life, and finds herself torn: between the man she loves and the man who could mean everything, and the life that she’s chosen and the life that she was born to lead.

My Opinion

At the end of Chosen Fool, Caro is sent 40 years in the past. Here she befriends the prodigies of the 90s and the previous kings. She starts a relationship and then bang as it ends she is time warped back into present day. Right as she finds out the truth about the relationship. The ramifications of the relationship and how it ends plays a lot into this book. All I have to stay is that she is better woman than I, cause mister would never be allowed in my personal space again. The chemistry between the two is mind blowing I will give you that. The back and forth, the love/hate thing did kinda get old. Either you love her/him or you hate them you can’t really do both for a long period of time. 

Being the Chosen One to Lyric is difficult and there are issue there. I would have hated being in Caro’s shoes but I think she handles the situation well. Props goes out to Lyric for trying and failing completely. Again, Caro does a great job handling the situation for the both of them. I enjoyed the Temple uprising storyline but I really would rather have Caro back in the magical world.

For those invested in the series, there was a lacking presents of the prodigies in this installment. This is disheartening as we were well on our way of getting to know them and then bam, they are pretty much not in this book. How are they going to bond and lead the magical community if they don’t work together. Noticeably missing was London (mage prodigy), Aria (vampire prodigy) and Brenna (Brann’s twin sister). Why introduce this cast and then just throw them away?

I feel like there was no resolution in this book- not with the love triangle (well, I guess one did but another one arose), not with the uprising, or the stuff in the magical world. That didn’t stop me from liking the story though kinda just felt like it just ended though.

My Rating 4 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “One day, Caro… you’ll have your own Prodigy to deal with.”

Other People

Brann- Shifter Prodigy
King Collins- Caro’s mentor
King Zeller- Vampire King
Sin- Caro’s bestie “brother”
Leric- Spirit elemental

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