Sunday, January 29, 2017

Review: Domination

Author Imogen Rose
Format e-book
Print Length 288 pages
Publisher Wild Thorn Publishing
Published Jan. 14, 2017

Years of hard work preceded her entry to the Oval Office. She attended the right prep schools and right colleges. She made sure to make all the right contacts, ingratiating herself into the right circles. But all those rights hadn’t been enough. 

In the end, she’d needed her mother. 

And now it was time to repay that debt. 

My Opinion

For two years, I have impatiently waited for the next book in the Bonfire Chronicles. I love being in Cordelia and Faustine’s world. Both demon princesses (although Faustine is half human), both synched to wanderer’s (synched is like being mated). At the end of Retaliation, Cordelia is given two surprises at once. Jagger’s mom the Queen of the Beyond is demanding their presence in the Beyond- the reason for this sudden request is that Cordelia is pregnant (yeah, she didn’t know). Not only are these two swept into the drama of Jagger’s momma, there are a lot of worries about how to deal with their hybrid baby’s pre-natal care.

Faustine’s life is not drama free either. She is fighting being synched as it doesn’t follow with her human side of being in love. Ryker is tying to be supportive and not pushy but he is secretly panicking on the inside. Then President Miller, Katerina’s daughter kidnaps Lady Annabel (Faustine’s momma). Rescuing her puts her and her daddy the Demon King of London at odds with GRIP, the supernatural governing police.

Romantic swagger is gone in Jagger, instead he bows down to his mom and put Cordelia and their baby in danger. What the what? Book after book he has been all about Cordelia and saving her and then this happens? You make the reader fall for him and right now I want to face punch him talk about an emotional rollercoaster. There were no swoony moments, just annoying I hate you being weak moments. Man-up dude and act like the Jagger we know and love.

Then we have Faustine pushing Ryker away after all they have been through, to say I am annoyed doesn’t even come close. I trust that the author is putting us through this emotional rollercoaster for a reason.

Domination brings us back the world of the Bonfire Chronicles. It was nice to be back, even with the changes in well everything it felt like. As annoyed as I am, I still can’t wait for the next installment hopefully it will all come together beautifully. 

My Rating 4 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “You’re my world.”

Other People

Harry- wanderer in training
Quinn- Cordelia’s ex
Fergie- troll

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