Sunday, January 15, 2017

Review: Devi

Author Leia Stone
Format e-book
Print Length 192 pages
Publisher Indigo House Publishing
Published Aug. 15, 2015


When Aurora found out that the vampires were after her blood to procreate, she thought she knew her mission. Take out the vampires and live happily ever after with Kai and their pack. But when the witches discover something about her, everything changes. Maybe Aurora doesn’t have as much control over her fate as she thought and sometimes allies become enemies. Aurora and Kai must defy all odds if their future is to end in happiness.

My Opinion

Devi, the second book in the Matefinder series picks up where Matefinder ends. Aurora is hunted by the vampires for her blood. The vamps want little vampy babies too, it is only fair. She is also exploring her witchery side. Here she finds that is not only is special because is a witch vampire hybrid, but she has two affinities. This means that she is a Devi, a person who serves as a host to an angel with a purpose.

The emotional detachment of Kai and Aurora was too much for me. There is still no chemistry. The best swoon I could find was the one I posted on Thursday about a kitten. I mean come on give the reader some romance, some tension, something. 

I tried, with this series. I continued because the second book had a lot of great reviews and again I liked the book that she co-authored Queen Heir. Clearly, it is me and not the book. Kai was so lacking as an alpha that anytime he came on the page I rolled my eyes. I got that Aurora is his mate but show a little backbone man. Tell her no, every once in a while and mean it. 

My Rating 2 out of 5 stars

Here are two five star reviews:

Favorite Quote "A hopeless romantic vampire?"

Other People

Max- Kai’s bestie
Emma- Aurora’s bestie
Raj- Kai’s daddy
Sylvia- witch mentor

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  1. Oh that is such a bummer! We need chemistry between the couple, otherwise nothing works! That would make me dislike the book automatically, for sure. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy this book, Angela! Hopefully your next read is much better!

    Have a wonderful week. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!