Sunday, January 3, 2016

Review: The Witch Who Cried Wolf

Author Sarah Makela
Format e-book
Print Length 182 pages
Publisher Kissa Press LLC
Published May 24, 2014

Be careful what you wish for...

A potion gone wrong: Mia Brooks is a reluctant witch, with powers that she tries to hold in check. But when her magic gets mixed up, supernatural forces are unleashed and suddenly she's being pursued by werewolves--that she didn't even realize existed...

Hidden emotions: Ethan Parker, Mia's brother's best friend, is home from deployment for the holidays. Mia's not only hiding from werewolves, she's trying to keep her feelings for Ethan secret; it would be a disaster if he knew she's been nursing a long-time crush...

The power of love: Things take a terrifying turn when Mia and Ethan are attacked by a werewolf. Ethan is amazed when Mia reveals her paranormal prowess as she tries to shield them from danger. But can she really protect them from the darkness that lurks? And how can he tell her that, for ages, he's been denying what he really wants? Mia...

My Opinion

Mia is a newly practicing Wiccan, one who is hiding this fact from her family. All of which she sees on a regular bases. Ethan is her brother’s bestie (she likes him, he likes her). They aren’t together because of well Ethan being afraid that her brother will not like it.

Mia is in danger as she accidently almost killed the local alpha of the werewolf pack (why the beta would trust a neophyte Wiccan to make a healing potion is beyond me). So know the whole pack is trying to kill her. Ethan being a war vet is of course going to protect her. While protecting her he gets bitten and scratched by a werewolf. So now not only is she a newly practicing witch he is a newly made werewolf.

My problem with Mia is that she is weak. She hides who she is from everyone she loves. She is only strong when her brother and Ethan are around- hence kicking her boyfriend to the curb. Nicely done now that Ethan is back.

Ethan for the most part is dashing. His internal struggle with his bestie’s feelings is a little annoying though. I mean seriously, if your bestie is going to dump you for dating their sibling then are they really besties?

The Witch Who Cried Wolf was just not for me. It has all the aspects of a story I would love- paranormal, danger, hotties but it fell short with the personalities of the characters. There are several who loved it though, like:

Roxie’s Reviews 5 stars

Crystal 4 stars

My Rating 2 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “This woman had to be a witch, for all the power she possessed when it came to my heart.”

Other People

Nolan- Mia’s brother
Greg- Mia’s boyfriend


  1. Sounds annoying. I don't like weak and I don't like weirdness like why would they____??? (fill in the blank). Am glad to see you left links to others that like the book better. Well done.

    1. I learned the link thing from you. You are a great Jedi master!