Friday, January 29, 2016

Review: Almost Midnight

Author CC Hunter
Format e-ARC
Print Length 407 pages
Publisher St. Martin’s Griffin
Published Feb. 2, 2016

Novella Collection

Nestled deep in the woods, Shadow Falls is a secret camp where teens with supernatural powers learn to harness their abilities and live in the normal world.

Independent and strong-willed Della Tsang did not believe in vampires...until she became one. Chase Tallman is the newest member of Shadow Falls, but what made him into the sexy, mysterious vampire he is today? And what led him to Della Tsang? And for Miranda Kane, magic has always been something she's struggled with, but when an opportunity to test her powers takes her to Paris, she'll have to prove that she's a witch to be reckoned with and belongs at Shadow Falls.

Fans won't want to miss these four remarkable stories of love, magic and friendship.

My Opinion

Almost Midnight is the novella collection from the Shadow Falls series. There are three previously published stories and one new one. The new one concerns Fredericka. The new novella is reason enough to buy this book!

Turned at Dark

 Della is outside of a party waiting on her boyfriend Lee to pick her up when she spots her cousin Chan. There is just one problem, Chan is well dead. She knows it can’t be him but she follows him anyway, into an alley-a dark alley. She gets jumped by vampires and finds out that her dead cousin isn’t really dead- he is a vampire too.

This story is about how Della handles being turned into a vampire. Her cousin Chan does all that he can to help her. It also explains why her parents suspect her of doing drugs- being turned into a vampire well yeah. It also explains how Della finds out about Shadow Falls and Holiday.

Della is an unbelievably strong girl. She goes through so much in such a short time that it is amazing that she is not as angrier than she already is. This is the story where Della and her strength still my heart. This is the story that made me beg for Shadow Falls After Dark.

My Rating 5 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “You’re supposed to help me, help me learn to be strong like you.”


Unbreakable was an enlightening story that allows us insight into Chase’s world. It may not change your opinion about Chase, which is okay. Let’s be honest it’s a Shadow Falls novella and that is why you read it in the first place.
My Rating 4 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote Chase had decided to go with the motto: If Baxter didn't like you, Chase didn't like you.

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Spellbinder serves as a great reminder that Miranda has stories to tell and CC Hunter should listen to her. What a great novella- it makes me want to beg CC Hunter to continue the story after Unspoken is released in October. This story truly is that amazing!

My Rating 5 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote
“Why don’t you grow some fangs and admit you want to see him?”

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Fredericka is not a fan favorite. That is until she redeems herself in the original Shadow Falls series. She has always been a werewolf on the outside. Her mother dying in childbirth, her father abandoning her at an early age to Lucas’ dad. She hasn’t known a lot of kindness. She hasn’t given a lot of kindness. Some would even say that she has gotten what she deserves. Trust is hard for her to give and to earn. She is working on it though. Holiday gave her a place to work on her jewelry making, and she has an interview for a job at a local gallery. Her and Cary (Mr. Cannon) are still firmly in the friends zone but graduation is coming up and she hopes to come out of that zone and into another.

The Falls begin to call to her. All fans of the series knows that this is bad news bear- or in this case bad news wolfie. After that things get difficult-for her , her new boss, Cary and the ghost. Fredericka gets threatened. Will she be able to deal with all of this on her own?

Fredericka is an interesting character. I was completely happy hating her. Then when she redeems herself in a previous book, I was happy feeling indifferent to her. A background character, an afterthought. So when it was released that the newest novella would be about her I was like “really”? There are so many other characters it could be about. I should have trusted in CC’s judgement. She hasn’t let me down yet.  She didn’t let me down this time either.

Fierce is well fierce. Fredericka has a strong personality. Her loyalty once earned is forever. She knows how people view her, and sometimes she lives up to those view. There is a side to her in this book that we are introduced to. A side that I adore. She is soft, cuddly and yeah… you will start to like her as much as I do.

My Rating 5 out of 5 stars.

Favorite Quote “I think you’re worth more than that.”


  1. OOh nice! I am pretty much buying this one just to read Fredericka's story! And Unbreakable because I let that slip past me and while I have it in print, it's like why not?! So I am really looking forward to this one! Great set of reviews!

  2. I love it when novellas are good and add to a series.