Friday, January 8, 2016

Review: All In

Author Aleah Barley
Format e-ARC
Print Length 179 pages
Publisher Entangled: Ignite
Published January 4, 2016

World-class statistician and poker prodigy Daisy Drake has two rules: never risk anything you can’t afford to lose, and never, ever, trust a gambler. Which is why she gave up the game and moved to Los Angeles, where she became a tenured professor. But when an old acquaintance calls needing Daisy’ help catch a cheater, she heads back to Las Vegas and the poker tables.

FBI Agent Ryan DiNatto’s been a gambler since he was four, and a hustler since he hit puberty. Coming off an undercover mission that ended with him shot and his partner in a wheelchair, Ryan’s out for blood. With a mob accountant and a hit man on the loose, the stakes have never been higher, and this time, he’s determined to make things right—even if it means beating spunky, sexy, Daisy Adams at her own game.

My Opinion

Quick read that leaves you feeling the love!

Daisy and Ryan both enter a poker tournament for different reasons then winning the jackpot. Ryan needs to even a score, Daisy needs to help her mentor, Bullet. Daisy grew up in Vegas and knows the ropes- Bullet is now the manager of a casino where the books aren’t adding up. Who better to investigate than the math genius he kept on the straight and narrow. Daisy doesn’t do love, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t date just never the same guy twice. Ryan is a smoking FBI agent, one who was recently released from being shot. He is out to prove himself- to his boss, his peers and even himself. They accidently uncover each other’s ulterior motive and decide that they can assist each other.

Daisy is adorable! She is a true math nerd who believes in the numbers. The numbers and Bullet saved her life. By putting her on the straight and narrow, Bullet has long earned Daisy’s respect and devotion. Life was hard for her growing up, yet she was determined to make something of herself. Just as determined to catch the bad guy that is hurting Bullet. She is a no nonsense kinda gal that has you rooting for her.

Ryan is an undercover FBI agent going after the mobster who hurt his partner. How to hurt the mob? Go after the money, which is what Ryan is doing. While smoking hot, I had a hard time buying that an FBI agent would give up his undercover persona so fast. As in super-duper fast, all over a gal he just met. Another thing that was hard to believe was him devoting more time to her than to actually getting the revenge he claims he wants.

All In is an enjoyable read- it has action and romance. What more can a gal looking for love want or need? I did not realize that this was the second book in a series- I thought it was stand alone.

My Rating 3.5 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote
The woman was original sin incarnate.

Other People

Bullet- manages the casino, Daisy’s mentor
Edgar Blethins- accountant, fan of Daisy
Lily- Daisy’s sister


  1. Mmmm, undercover agent AND a math nerd? Sounds like my people! And quick sounds good to me! I'm glad you enjoyed this one, Angela. Fantastic review!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  2. Okay, that cover. YUM! Glad you enjoyed it, and it definitely sounds like a sexy and fun read! Lovely review

  3. Yummy cover! Love action in my romance!