Friday, January 22, 2016

Review: Earth: The Final Battle

Author Jaymin Eve
Format e-book
Print Length 310 pages
Publisher self
Published Nov. 24, 2015

With Brace back by her side and the melding bond again secure, Abigail should be happier than ever. Right? Well, there’s still that little rodent problem of hers. The Seventine.

Six of the evil energy sucking entities are free and with the convergence fast approaching, there is no doubt that the final battle will be fought soon. All that stands between the Seventine and the end of the First World star-system is Abigail, the other half-Walker females and a gathering of races from across First World.

Abigail has never had so much to lose, but when everything is on the line, you fight with everything you have. She will never give up. But in the end, will she be able to save everyone?

My Opinion

The Seventine are free and waiting for Abby and her gals to confront them. Since they are missing the seventh gal they must find her first. Abby, Lucy, Brace and Colton head to Earth. They run into Chrissie again and she is the leader of a group of gals that are taking on the gangs. So they are able to find the half-walker they are searching for rather easily. What they discover there is well pretty amazing. Returning to Earth was easy, getting off of the planet not so much.

The fearsome foursome return to First World with the missing half-walker in tow. She meets the other five girls from there on it is non-stop action packed fun. The pacing of this one is just like the all of the books in this series- spot on.

Brace and Abby are one of my favorite all time couples. Colton and Lucy are another. Yea- I am totally fan-girl shipping these relationships. These hard Alpha males are confronted with these non-Earth girl girls and have to adapt. It is pure entertainment, once you are introduced to them though you will be happily reading, hoping and yelling right along with them.

Final thoughts on Earth- what a fabulous way to end a series. I do not want to let Abby, Lucy, Brace and Colton go. I want to sing the authors praises from the highest skyscraper tops. My fingers and toes are crossed that she will re-visit this world again.

Thoughts on those that haven’t started this series yet- you need to. Like yesterday need to.

My Rating 5 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “Time may eventually dull the edges, but nothing heals wounds this deep."

Other People

Lucy- Abby’s bestie
Colton- Lucy’s Mate, Brace’s bestie
Half-walkers- there are seven of them, Abby is one


  1. This is the first time I hear about this series, but the cover looks amazing and since you enjoyed it, it worths a try!