Saturday, March 14, 2015

Review: Mistletoe Mansion

Author Samantha Tonge
Format e-ARC
Print Length 384 pages
Publisher Carina Press
Published November 10, 2014

Kimmy Jones has three loves: cupcakes, gossip magazines and dreaming of getting fit just by owning celeb workouts.

When Kimmy's Sensible Boyfriend told her he didn't approve of her longing for the high life or her dream of starting a cupcake company Kimmy thought she could compromise – after all, she did return those five-inch Paris Hilton heels! But asking her to trade in cake-making for a job sorting potatoes is a step too far.

So, newly single - and newly homeless – Kimmy needs a dusting of Christmas luck. And, masquerading as a professional house sitter, her new temporary home is the stunning Mistletoe Mansion. Soon she’s best buds with glamorous next door golf WAG Melissa, and orders are pouring in for her fabulous Merry Berry cupcakes! The only thorn in her side is handsome handyman Luke, a distraction she definitely doesn't need. And talking of distractions, something very odd is going on at night…

Kimmy is finally living the life she’s always wanted. But will her glimpse into the glittering lifestyle of the rich and famous be as glamorous as she’s always imagined?

My Opinion

Kimmy and her boyfriend of two years are having a rough patch of things- he wants her to get a serious 9 to 5 job with benefits that will help to move their relationship along. She wants to bake and watch tv instead. She dreams of opening a cupcake ship but does nothing to achieve those dreams. So eventually he has had enough and breaks up with her.

This leaves her homeless when she spots an ad for a professional house sitter. She applies and accepts the job on the spot- her bags are already packed. The mansion is gorgouse with a cute little puppy to boot. This is just what she and her homeless BFF needs- a new start in a rich neighborhood. Too bad the realistate agent doesn’t tell them that the house is haunted.

Kimmy- I will be honest, I did not connect with the main character. She whines a lot, doesn’t know how good she has it with Adam and then gets mad at him when he wants her to pulling her own weight around the house. She is extremely superficial.

Exit long term boyfriend enter new love interest Luke. Luke and Kimmy have very little chemistry in my book. He actually is at first really mean to her but she still falls for him. This is not snarky mean, or defensive mean- this is just plain ole mean. She compares him with Adam a lot and still finds him the better choice- HOW?

Mistletoe Mansion was just not my cup of tea. Others did enjoy it here are some links to two five star reviews.

Becca's Books

My Rating 2 out 5 stars

Favorite Quote “It’s a gift, being able to bake like this”

Other People

Jess- Kimmy’s BFF and the only one in the book I like
Melissa- Kimmy rich celebrity neighbor

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