Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spotlight- Reborn: Miranda’s Favorite Spells

CC Hunter stopped by to chat about everyone's favorite Shadow Falls witch, Miranda!

Miranda has had a lot to overcome, but she’s really come a long way since Kylie first met her. She’s gotten better and better at her spells. Oh sure, no one will ever let her forget when she turned Socks into a skunk. The poor cat still hides when he sees her. But she’s been working extra hard to learn new spells. She’s especially been practicing her protection spells. Being friends with Kylie and Della, she has a feeling they’re going to come in handy. And her latest spell she loves to cast is turning just about anything into chocolate. She’s even perfecting a spell to lite the fireplace and every candle in the cabin all at once. She wants to surprise Perry with it very soon, but she’s had some trouble with it. (Like setting her bedroom curtains on fire.) But she thinks she’s got it down now and is planning a very romantic evening with Perry, he just may want to wear something flame retardant.

You can see more of Miranda's special spells in Shadow Falls After Dark: Reborn, released May 20.

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  1. I still need to read this series. Thanks for the reminder.