Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spotlight- Reborn: Holiday & Burnett & Baby Make Three

CC Hunter stopped by to chat a little about our favorite married couple in The Shadow Falls After Dark series.

If you read my book Chosen at Nightfall, you’ll know that Holiday and Burnett are expecting a baby. To tell you the truth, Burnett is scared to death at the thought of a baby. Oh sure, he’s putting on a good front for Holiday and being supportive, but he’s got a lot of doubts about his ability as a dad. Oh you know and I know he’ll be great, but when Holiday drags him off to buy baby clothes he’s shaking inside. The clothes look so small! He’s a big strong vampire, so he’s all worried he might rip an arm off the little tyke while he’s trying to put on its onesie. But he tags along with Holiday while she gushes over strollers and high chairs, and receiving blankets. (And he doesn’t even know what those are for. They look like ordinary blankets to him. Who will the baby be receiving?) How can he be so scared when Holiday is so happy and excited? But she has her doubts, too, she’s just keeping them from Burnett. She’s afraid she’ll be too over whelmed by her baby’s feelings—or worse yet, what if she can’t read her baby’s feelings at all? How will she know what her baby wants? What kind of a mother will she be?

In short, Holiday and Burnett are being very normal expectant parents. And guess what? They have their baby in Reborn, out May 20th!

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