Sunday, August 14, 2016

Review: In A House Made of Bones and Teeth (The Lovegrove Legacy #3)

Author Alyxandder Harvey
Format e-book
Print Length 30 pages
Publisher Self
Published May 13, 2016

The novella conclusion to the Lovegrove Legacy!

London is under attack.
Can Emma, Gretchen, Penelope find their way back to each other in order to defeat
the Seven Sisters once and for all?

My Opinion

Originally the Lovegrove Legacy was a three book deal. It was supposed to be Penelope’s HEA. Unfortunately, as has been known to happen after the publication of the first two books it was decided that the third book would not be published. So what does the amazingly talented Ms. Harvey do? Why she self-publishes a novella to help with all of those pesky questions that her readers have.

The novella starts off about two hours after Whisper the Dead ends. Gretchen, Tobias and Moira are fighting off the sisters and the Greybreads. Penelope and Cedric are trapped in the sisters’ house with evil Sophie and Lucius. The Greymalkin sisters using Penelope as a beacon for finding their bones. Emma and Cormac are fighting their way back from the Underworld. Will they be able to get together in time to stop the Greymalkin sisters from causing chaos even from the grave?

In a House Made of Bone and Teeth offered closure when there was none before. It was a nice treat that Ms. Harvey gave her readers who were left hanging when the third book fell through. It is short, a novella usually is. Due to its size it is action-packed and fast paced. In the end though, we know what happen to the Lovegrove cousins and really that is all that matters.

My Rating 5 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “I’m not going to die without being properly kissed."

Other People

Mrs. Sparrow- Head of Rowanstone
Ky- Tobias’ brother
Theodora- Emma’s momma

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