Monday, August 8, 2016

Review: The Best Friend Bargain

Author Robin Bielman
Format e-ARC
Print Length 204
Publisher Entangled, LLC Lovestruck
Published Aug. 8, 2016

Olivia Lincoln has a plan guaranteed to get her life back on track. A plan that involves 
her best friend, Danny. And he’s on board, too…until she blurts out that they’re engaged and expecting a baby, and the news spreads like wildfire.

The problem? Danny doesn’t do marriage. Or family. And everyone knows it, including Olivia.
As irritated as he might be, protecting Olivia is what Danny does. But put best friends under one roof, add house rules begging to be broken, accidental nakedness, and pancakes in bed, and what started as a marriage between friends threatens to turn into the real deal…which would ruin everything. 

My Opinion

Six months ago Olivia walked out of Danny’s life, well she pretty much walked out of everyone’s life. Uprooted to England and has been doing great. That is until she took a test and her English boyfriend says byebye when it goes to positive. Yepper, it was a pregnancy test. So what is a gal to do? Run home to her guy bestie, only he is about to lose his home- the owner wants a family not a bachelor to buy it. Olivia tries to do the right thing, save Danny by being his family.

I enjoyed their friendship, the transition to lovers had a bit of turbulence to it. Fifteen years of friendship is not something you throw away overnight. So, when Olivia left it really hurt Danny. No contact, it wasn’t his fault she left. His early acceptance of her back into her life seems a bit on the unrealistic side.

The book is cute, a friends to lovers tale is always delightful. The sudden attraction that Danny and Olivia are facing is appealing. Danny trying to keep his distance and at the same time protect Olivia is charming. Yes, he did charm me with his witty emails, his worry and concern for her. Danny has a real reason for pushing Olivia away and it annoyed me that she didn’t attempt to respect it. His rational was sound to him, I know that it didn’t bother her. Still, I felt liked she bulldozed right over his argument, instead of acknowledging his fear.

Olivia has a horrible relationship with her mother- nothing she does is ever good enough. Why she thinks this time will be different is well beyond me. I hate that she felt that she needed someone in her life, to justify the changes that were occurring. I do understand why she is seeking her mother’s approval, just felt that it was pointless. She needed to focus on being a strong independent woman for her baby. She annoyed me a little and I kinda felt like Danny was too good for her. She also needed to punch her ex in the face.

Overall, The Best Friend Bargain was a good book. The story moved along at a good pace and I was able to finish it in one sitting. I enjoyed the story but nothing really wowed me.

My Rating 3 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “You’re having a tough time staying in the friend zone.”

Other People

Bryce- Danny’s best friend
Zane- Danny’s other best friend
Will- ex-boyfriend

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