Friday, October 2, 2015

Review: Harvest Moon

Author Lisa Kessler
Format e-ARC
Print Length ?
Publisher Entangled Publishing, LLC
Published September 28, 2015

Some wolves were never meant for a mate... 

Dr. Jason Ayers unleashes all of his rage and his frustration through fists and brute force in an underground boxing ring. The werewolf may be the pack’s doctor, but he can’t even heal his coma-stricken father after the Nero Organization’s attack stopped his heart. And as his Pack brothers settle down around him, he still refuses to believe in the fairy tale notion that every wolf has a true mate...

In hiding and on the run, nurse Kilani Akamu is a loose end that Nero is desperate to tie up. She can't afford to be attracted to a doctor—especially one as unexpectedly hot and complex as Jason. Yet the sexual sparks arcing between them are undeniable...and Kilani's precognitive senses warn her that temptation is inevitable.

All it takes is one touch to send Jason's wolf howling. But even if he could protect her from Nero, he can't protect her from himself...

My Opinion

Dr. Jason Ayers is hiding a secret- one even bigger than the fact that he is a werewolf. His secret is so big that it ends up hurting his relationship with his twin brother. His secret, he is angry so very angry. As a doctor he is suppose to be able to save his people. Except for the whole he can’t treat them at a real hospital. He lost his alpha under his care, his dad is in a coma under his care and his stress level is hello kitty high. So what does a frustrated werewolf do to relieve his stress- join an underground fight club.

Jason is not the only one with secrets, Kilani has them too. Kilani is the nurse that helped Jason treat his dad. She is hiding from Nero, the pack enemy. She confronts Jason about not filling out the right paperwork for the drugs they used to save his daddy. He is stunned, after they touch to find that she is his mate. He doesn’t really believe in the whole mating is destined with makes for a fun time. Nero is fast on Kilani steps though. Will she trust Jason enough to save her?

Harvest Moon is a great addition to a solid series. Jason is pretty much an amazing guy who doesn’t know how to handle that sometimes a patient will die. No matter how good of a doctor he is. Kilani has a history of dating doctors- a bad history of it. She has decided that they aren’t worth it, although Jason does try to prove her wrong at every turn. I love that Jason doesn’t believe in mates until he meets Kilani. He is extremely protective of Kilani also which is pretty awesome. Her insecurities a little got on my nerves. I realize that it was because of the past but yeah, still annoying. The merging of Kilani’s Hawaiian heritage and Jason’s Pack was interesting. While some questions were answered a lot more left unanswered. Hopefully the next book will give the read more resolution.

My Rating 3 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “Fate…smarter…than any of us.”

Other People

Adam- pack Alpha
Nani- Kilani’s granny
Sebastin- good guy or bad guy I can’t tell.
Jared- Jason’s twin


  1. I like shifter stories. I do like books that resolve though.

  2. Thanks for reviewing Harvest Moon!

    I hope you'll give the rest of the Moon Series a try...

    Lisa :)