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Review: Dronish

Author Jaymin Eve
Format e-book
Print Length ?
Publisher self
Published March 25, 2015

A young adult paranormal romance series.
An epic journey.
If the Seventine are released, will anyone survive?

With the convergence date looming closer, Abigail’s in the final countdown to imprison the Seventine. It is do-or-die time, and she is determined that the Seventine will be the ones who die, figuratively speaking. Her current priorities: gather the Dronish half-Walker female and reform her melding bond with Brace.

Dronish is a world more alien than any other Abigail has ventured through, which is really saying something. But it’s also a dying land. The inhabitants are running out of energy and there’s little hope for their survival. Of course, that makes it very hard to convince Sapha – the half-Walker – that she should help save the star system. If her world is doomed already, she doesn’t care much about the rest.

Okay, task one is going to be tougher than Abigail anticipated, but at least reforming the bond should be easy … right? Of course, that was before she met with the lalunas. Now she knows that both items on her to-do list have jumped right into the realm of impossible.

My Opinion

Dronish is the name of the planet that the half-walker Sapha lives on. Sapha’s world is vastly different than that of the other half-walkers. The residents here fed off the energy of others, primarily that of crystals that grow on the planet. The crystals are scarce, and the residents had to go to the market place once a week to get his nourishment. Like all of the other half-walkers Sapha is different from those around her, she does not need the crystals to survive. When Sapha’s one friend is murder she is hell bent on revenge.

Back on First World, Lucy and Colton just held their mating ceremony. Abigail wants to go to the lalunas to reform her bond with Brace. Something goes horribly wrong, the lalunas are not what they seem. Some are good and some are well evil. Abigail will be betrayed by someone that she loves dearly. That which she thought was neutral had picked a side, too bad it is the one opposite of her.

The War Council is unsure how to proceed. Abigail and the gang still have to go to Dronish to find Sapha. When they get there, they discover that the Drones were in the middle of a civil war. When they finally find Sapha, well things don’t go so easy. Abigail has to trace Sapha to First World- this does not make her trust the gals at all.

Abigail and Brace are as cute as ever in this installment of the series. The other Half-Walkers are learning to trust and depend on themselves. They are working together with their powers and growing. Lucy and Colton are added fun, for sidekicks they really kick butt.

Dronish is a solid addition to a great series. It’s has it all- action, romance, mystery along with a side of the paranormal (sci-fi). My only complaint is that Earth the final book in the series is not already released.

My Rating 5 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote Being broken doesn’t mean there’s no hope for you. You just have to find the new person you are, learn how to exist with a few less pieces.

Other People

Lucy- Abigail’s best friend
Colton- Brace’s bestie and Lucy’s mate
Josian- Abigail’s daddy
Lallielle- Abigail’s mommy

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