Saturday, June 7, 2014

Book Boyfriend (22) David

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He knows how to comfort a gal, with the oh so awkward hug.

I didn’t get any further before David carefully wrapped his arms around me.  He held me like I was a bomb he was afraid was seconds from going off, keeping our bodies as far apart as he could while still technically hugging me.
“It’s okay,” he said, patting my back once.  He apparently decided that was a good move because he did it a few more times.

When he wants to kiss- man does he kiss.

“Wha-“ was as far as I got, because in a few long strides, David crossed the room and pulled me into his arms.  I was so stunned that it hardly even registered that he was kissing me until….oh. Oh.
This kiss didn’t make my stomach flutter; it made my skin sing.  It made me raise myself up on tiptoaes so I could kiss him back harder.

He worries about the gal.

“Yes,” I said calmly, even as the balck car got closer, “you are.  Why did you follow me?”
The black car thumped our bumper, but I wasn’t worried anymore.  We were only a few houses away now.
“Because you were crying!” David shouted, his voice cracking with fear, and I thought anger.  “You were upset and I felt bad about the stupid article, and then that weird shit happened with Ryan, and even if I don’t always agree with the things you do at school, you do try and you didn’t”
He broke off and sagged against the seat, closing his eyes.  “I just… I don’t like crying girls, okay?”

David is not supposed to be a book boyfriend.  He is supposed to be a jerk but he doesn’t read too much like a jerk.  In fact he reads a lot like a guy who likes the gal but does not know how to handle it.

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