Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Waiting on Wednesday (2) He Told Them We're Married?!

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I finally get a boyfriend, and now we’re shopping for wedding rings?!

Okay, so, apparently Ash has completely lost his mind, because instead of telling his parents I’m his girlfriend, which is the truth, he told them I’m his wife. Even though I’m not. We’re just, like, magical life partners who are in love and bonded to each other forever. That’s all. It’s not like… It’s not like we got married or anything crazy like that. Ha ha ha. Except, um, maybe it’s totally like that, and, oh, my God, did we seriously just get married?!

Ahem. Anyway, it turns out going to Ash’s world is a thing—who knew?—and that means meeting his family, who are, uh, less than thrilled about the whole idea of us being together, no matter what kind of label we put on it. But his parents think I’m just some trashy fling, his brother thinks I’m not cut out for high society, and his super intimidating ex thinks Ash has lost his mind. Actually, they all do. And being the wife of

a noble demon means going to fancy parties and acting like a normal person, which has never been my strong point.

Fitting into Ash’s world is a lot harder than I thought it would be, and besides the constant barrage of social engagements, there are the expensive dresses I’m sure I’m going to ruin, the birthday party I definitely ruined, and, oh, yeah, Ash’s entire life, which I’m not making any easier. And when I make one social faux pas too many and screw it all up for him, it’s going to take everything I’ve got to try and fix it before his family benches him for good and he loses his place in society. And, like, basically everything that makes him happy.

Well, everything except me, that is. No pressure.

Why am I waiting?

Demon In My Dorm Room was a cute adorable read. I loved Ash and thought he was pretty awesome and so now I want to know how Isabel will fit into his world.

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