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Review: Marvel Mage

Chandelle LaVaun & Megan Montero 
Format e-ARC
Print Length 319 pages
Publisher Wanderlost Publishing and Leo Press
Published Sept. 30,2020

Now the spells are mine…
I used to say I worked better under pressure…I was wrong. This countdown clock on

my arm might just break me.

Stellan is missing. Someone stole him from me. They ripped him right out of my hands and hid him somewhere I can’t find. I’m desperate to save my soulmate but Second Realm is dying…without me, they have no chance but neither does Stellan. I’m being torn in two and I don’t know if I can help them both.

The only chance we have, is if I recreate the Astral Stone. But to do so, I have to brew a potion full of ingredients that are literally out of this world. The angels are sending me on a perilous journey to beg the other realms for help. And they all want a trade. Vampires want my blood, Shifters want my power, and the Fae want my life. Jumping realms was something I thought I’d only see in movies or comics, but it’s real. It’s dangerous. And it comes with a price. For Stellan, I’ll pay anything.

But If this clock hits zero, my time is up…and Second Realm will die.

And it will be all my fault. 

My Opinion

Marvel Mage is the second book in the Night Realm: Magic Marked series by the dynamic bestie duo Chandelle and Megan. If you haven’t read Midnight Mage you may not want to continue reading this review, as there will be spoilers. Consider yourself warned.

This one starts off literally where Midnight Mage ends, Stellan is taken and Ella is on her way to the fourth realm. She ends up in the fourth realm and Stellan in a completely different realm all together. How did this happen? Well to be honest, Stellan freaking threw Ella into the elevator for the fourth
realm. Second realm comes first and they have to save it, you can only use the ring once so onward Ella goes.

Ella is awesome, she has no problem throat punching today in the face if that is what it takes. She finds several unlikely allies in the fourth realm. Although she does get tricked a time or two. While she is there, she mentions Nickle a few times, making me wonder if the next trilogy will involve Nickle and the fourth realm. I really really hope so. I love how she asks the right questions! She doesn't take things at face value and she does questions without shame.

Stellan once abducted is put in a cage, where he has to watch what is going on with his soulmate. However like most shows, this one is edited... a lot. Let's just say that mistakes were made and then aired on the television. Which causes Stellan to pull away from Ella, understandably.

I have so many questions that need answers, and I am banking on those answers not coming any time soon. Most of my questions have to do with the realms that they visited, and the characters that were introduced. Between the vampire, shifter and fae realms, they got several out of the way. Ingredients were found, alliances may have been made as well as some enemies. Fae are especially tricky folks.

For the love of all that is holy!!! Marvel Mage was a roller coaster ride of all the feelings! Ellie completely brought her A game, Savina was a kick ass princess, and Stellan made me love him all over again. Those of you who are about to start this one: get your snacks, ready, clear your schedule because you about to go on one wild wild ride.

My Rating 5 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote "Why can't these humans make a taco shell that doesn't fall apart?"

Other People

Ezra- vampire, who helps Ella
Prince Riven- vampire prince who helps Ella or does he
Savina- Stellan's sister
MoVaun Latero- Voodoo princess
Ryker- shifter prince

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