Thursday, June 13, 2019

Review: Broken Trust

Author Jaymin Eve, Tate James 
Format e-book 
Print Length 278 pages 
Publisher self 
Published May 16, 2019 

They think they own me now. They think they’ve won, and that I’ll be their good little soldier. 

Four dangerous, damaged, messed up boys. There used to be five, but one of them died, and I’m starting to suspect he was murdered.

I didn't ask for this. No one would ask to be played, manipulated, seduced and betrayed. But that’s what happened, anyway. 

It wasn’t enough for them to break me. Sebastian Beckett has decided that he can’t let me go, but I refuse to forgive and forget his betrayal so easily. His fixation is bordering on obsession, but when we begin to suspect a spy within Delta, there’s no time to deal with his feelings. 

Someone is selling us out, and it’s having a dire impact. 

It’s life and death hiding behind corporate greed.

Let the battle begin. 

My Opinion 

***This series is a bully romance- there maybe triggers in the book. No, I won’t be posting spoilers but if you are against toxic relationships move on to a fluffy book.*** 

Literally starting where the last book ends, things get moving fast. Riley is notably angry at the perceived betrayal of the other four. Mostly though, of Beck’s betrayal. She feels that everything was and currently is a lie. Now she is willing to fight back. 

WOW! Riley can hold grudge like it is nobody’s business. Granted she has every right to be angry. The guys did try to cryptically warn her about the game. She goes into hiding for a few days with Dante and then Catherine calls her back. Guess what a new gal arrived at school, one who happens to be a Huntley heir- Catherine. Girl has gots to go in my opinion, hopefully by Riley’s hand. She does bring a certain new element to things, especially since she wants Riley’s man. 

The guys try to show Riley how much she needs them. While she may in fact need them, they found out how much they need her as well. Some of the chapters are from Beck’s point of view and well dang this guy has more depth that I thought he did. The other heirs open up to Riley more and she learns things that she needed to learn. 

The war between Delta and Huntley is picking up speed. The heirs are only as good as their weakest link-here is looking at you Riley. Hopefully they get things aired out before the war comes closer to home. There is a spy in Delta, and folks can’t figure out who it is. I still want to know what Dante’s story is. What is his relationship with Catherine? Who the heck is he really? 

Broken Trust is a good second book in a series. It pushes the story along and allows for character development of all of the characters. A major bomb was dropped at the end and I cannot wait to see how it resolves, if it resolves and if daddy dearest knew… 

My Rating 3 out of 5 stars 

Favorite Quote “Some messes can’t be cleaned, no matter how much scrubbing you do.” 

Other People 

Dante- Riley’s guy bestie 
Catherine- Riley’s birth mother 
Jasper- Beck’s bestie 
Dylan- Beck’s other bestie

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