Friday, June 7, 2019

Aladdin Book Tag

Sometimes it is just fun to tag a book, let folks get a snippet of what you love to read and maybe even check out a book or two that they didn't realize was out. I of course got this one from Jessica's blog a GREAT read, who saw it at Cornerfolds and one of her friends Amber at Du Livre created it !The images were all borrowed at Amber's post because like Jessica said they are perfect for this book tag.

Cat keeps her magic hidden and yet Griffin recognizes her as the Kingmaker anyway. Throw in interference by gods and goddesses, and you got a great fantasy realm to get lost in.

What is up with the feathers, why do they look like she just destroyed a pillow? This is about a feud between two shifting families but you only have a singe gal on the cover. I loved the story, just the cover yeah it threw me for a loop.

Redemption arcs are difficult for me. If the author writes a character good enough purposefully for me to hate. How then can I learn to love them? I just at times its hard. Throughout the O'Malley's series,Dmitri Romanov has been a threat up until the very last book. Then he became an in-law. Go figure, this is his story and the redemption arc is pretty solid you do have to read all of the books in the series though.

Bettina from The Coven: Academy Magic is making the most of everything that gets thrown at her. New world, new rules, new role, magic, swords, the dungeon a Kraken for crying out loud. She rolls with the punches and comes back swinging.

Lucy is Abby's bestie in the Walker Saga- the sass is strong with this one as well as the jokes. She would have me rolling for days.

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  1. OOoh nice! This tag was a lot of fun! Lots of new to me books but I looove Amanda's series! I still need to read the rest of it! And her new one now!