Monday, October 15, 2018

Review: The Princess Must Strike

Author Jaymin Eve, Everly Frost 
Format e-book 
Print Length 307 pages
Publisher self 
Published October 1, 2018 

A power lost. An enemy gained.

In a gargoyle city beneath the streets of Chicago, Storm Princess Marbella Mercy walks a dangerous path to find the only source of magic that will save Baelen Rath's life.

Now in control of her storm power, she must infiltrate gargoyle territory, heal Baelen, and escape. It's a simple get in, get out plan ... until she crosses paths with the brutal gargoyle king.

Already in possession of savage power, the king is hell bent on adding the storm to his list. Wanting the Princess for his own, he is prepared to do anything to bend her to his will.

When the king's ruthless actions push Marbella to the edge, she is left with only one choice - the princess must strike. 

My Opinion 

This one starts off with a bang literally seconds from when the previous book ends. Baelen is cocooned in a shell of storm power. Marbella is off to save him with just Jasper and the storm along with her phoenix to help her. The path is dangerous, more enemies will come out and surprisingly a few allies that were to never be. 

Within moments of Marbella and the group taking off for the gargoyle spings they are thrust back into action with an escaped gargoyle begging elves for their help and sanctuary. The Gargoyle king’ guards are fast to retrieve her, yet out heroes and heroine are not giving her up. With some unknown help from the land, their air maneuvers allow them to escape. They then find Llion, the gargoyle that we met in the first book. Llion and the new gal do not get along, with good reason. His markings are telling of his true character or are they? Maybe the gargoyle king and the Elven Council are a lot a like? 

Marbella cares not, walking start into enemy territory to save her love. There is she captured, and taken to the palace. Here she finds out how truly off their rockers the Elven Council really is- having witnessed first hand their corruption. Baelen is taken off away from Marbella, and she is sent to the mines. The gargoyle king will help her with the springs if she helps him find the hidden gargoyle heartstones. Marbella soon realizes that all of the gargoyle race is being held hostage by the new king. 

The miners see her as a weakness- someone they do not want on their team all but Llion that is. They soon learn that it does not do well for them to underestimate her. She starts to talk to the other miners, all of whom are males. She learns their story and becomes the beacon of strength. It is through her diplomacy that they realize that they cannot continue as they are. 

Marbella is very much isolated from all that she knows in this book. She does not have Baelen to support her, her guards to protect her, or her storm power to keep her company. She has only herself- and boy does she grow. She learns to trust in herself, and to rely on herself- for the first time in seven years. Everything she does is for the good of others, which is why she must prevail. 

I very much disliked the lack of Baelen in this book. I trust where the author is going with this, and it helped with Marbella’s character development but it kinda sucks for the romance side of things. 

Holy cow that ending though! I mean, one cliffhanger after another. Thank goodness the next one is releasing soon. Can it come sooner? 

My Rating 4 out of 5 stars 

Favorite Quote It’s like having part of me ripped away and thrown into darkness. 

Other People 

Jasper- Baelen’s bestie, elf 
Storm- spirit of a gargoyle 
Llion- gargoyle, ally 
Howl- evil gargoyle

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