Friday, February 9, 2018

Review: Wild Card

Author Rachel Vincent 
Format e-book 
Print Length 261 pages 
Publisher self 
Published Dec. 25, 2018 

Kaci Dillon is a man-eater.

37120058She’s grown up on the fringes of shifter society, hearing the whispers. One desperate act as a starving, terrified child has made her the first tabby in history with no romantic prospects. But whatever. Eighteen is too young to get married anyway. Still, when she stumbles upon an opportunity to get away for a few days, who could blame her for seizing it?

Justus Alexander is screwed.

Confined to the South-Central territory, awaiting trial for crimes he committed as a traumatized, newly infected stray, Justus has discovered that the tribunal already intends to vote for the death penalty. He has no choice but to run. Too young to touch the trust fund that could finance his escape, he’s betting on a big win at the poker tables—until Kaci, his secret crush, catches him sneaking out and demands that he take her with him to Las Vegas

After a wild night she can’t remember, Kaci wakes up with a ring on her finger, next to a young billionaire who can’t access his fortune until he turns twenty-five—or ties the knot. If she can keep her hands off her hot, charismatic new groom, she can have their unconsummated marriage annulled. But can she really abandon Justus to his death sentence, just to undo her own mistake? 

My Opinion 

When we first met Kaci she was a young werecat that had attached herself to Faythe. Because of her frightening experience of becoming a tabby with no one around to guide, she had hurt those that she loved and was stuck in her tabby form. Faythe rescued her and took her in, all was forgiven by the council for what she did when she was in shock but not by the guys who were supposed to be vying for her affection. Yep, she is the only tabby without a willing shifter to date. Justus is a willing shifter, but he is pretty certain that he will be sentenced to death since he two hurt people when he was infected with the shifter virus. Before people could get to him and tell him what was going on. Really the council should have some type of protocol for helping others assimilate into their world. 

I loved being back in the shifter world, seeing Marc and Faythe as they act as alphas together. Not only as alphas but also as parents. They did raise Kaci for the past several years. She has turned out fairly normal, given her feral status when we first met her. Kaci is smart, has learned the ways of the world in which she stumbled upon and is not afraid to use what she knows. Faythe and Marc raised her to be a good wife to a strong alpha. Now she just needs to find that person. 

I feel bad for Justus, his life has not been easy, losing his parents at an early age, for his big brother whom he is close to suddenly distance himself. Then he gets a mysterious fever and the next thing you know his is on trial for infecting someone and murdering someone else (who totes deserves it). Now he hears that he isn’t getting a fair trial. I would probably run too. I enjoy their interactions with each other and their interactions with their alphas. You can tell that they hold Faythe and Marc in high respect and are trying hard not to disappoint them. They both also take their advice, instead of dismissing it which is a nice break from most new adult novels. 

The back and forth banter is great at creating an environment of tension. The chemistry between these two is off the charts. I like that they keep it pretty PG-13ish. Which makes sense, they are really young and they did wind up married to each other. I like how Justus handles the situation when he realizes that Kaci may not be on board with the plan as much as he thought she was. 

Overall, a fast pace read that allows you to forget your worries and stresses for a few short hours. Kaci’s hatred of the gender inequality is pretty spot and will have you giggling as she is ranting. Justus sweet mannerisms will make you want to make him your next book boyfriend. 

My Rating 4 out of 5 stars 

Favorite Quote “Nothing, I just… I’m tired of being the man-eater.” 

Other People 

Faythe- alpha female 
Marc- alpha male

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