Monday, February 5, 2018

Review: Love Between Enemies

Molly E. Lee
Format e-book
Print Length 221 pages
Publisher Entangled: Crush
Published Jan. 8, 2018

Zoey Handler is ready to put an end to her decade-long rivalry with Gordon Meyers. They’ve traded top spot between valedictorian and salutatorian for years, but all that’s over now. Right? But after a crazy graduation speech prank gets out of hand, suddenly their rivalry turns into all-out war. Time to make peace with a little friendly payback.

Step one? Make him believe they’re now friends.

Step two? Show him the time of his life at an epic graduation party.

Step three? Don’t fall for his tricks.

Step four? Absolutely, positively, do not kiss him again.

So what if he’s cute? (Okay, hot.) So what if he’s charming? (Heaven help her, tempting.) So what if he apologizes? (That has to be fake.) She knows the real Gordon. And no matter how much her heart begs her to stop, there’s no turning back.

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains one epic party, complete with every high-schoolers-gone-bad shenanigan, and two rivals who discover maybe they could be something much more…if only they’d stop fighting long enough to notice it.

My Opinion

Zoey and Gordon have always battled it out on the academic field. Ever since kindergarten one of them has always been second place while the other is first. They often flip flop and are in no way bitter about it until right now that is. You see Zoey comes from money and Gordon comes from well none. So he thought he was a sure bet to win a full ride to the college of his choice. Except Zoey wants to go there her own way, not having her parents footing the bill after all most people think that it was their money that made her number one in the first place. A rumor that Gordon almost all but admits to with his salutatorian speech. A speech that embarrasses and hurts Zoey more than she would care to admit.

Gordon was hurt, he lashed out that the one person he could lash out. Yes, it was in the middle of the auditorium full of parents and students which is unfortunate. Yes, it was not expectant which is also unfortunate. He didn’t set out to ruin someone’s life though. Zoey on the other hand…

Zoey is a gal who has everything but she doesn’t want to ride on the coat tails of her parents. I can respect that. Although, I cannot respect what she did to Gordon to get even with him. I do like how she handled it in the end but to be honest at that point I was so angry over her course of action that it was too late.

Pretty much this entire book took place due to a miscommunication. Had Gordon actually talked to Zoey at the beginning of the school year, in complete sentences there would have been no story. Had he told Zoey what was going on, there would have been no story. Had Zoey explained to Gordon what was going on, there would have been no story.

This was an easy read which was nice, but I never got behind the couple like I did with Fynn and Bray. What Zoey did is not something I could forgive, even though she did redeem herself. Gordon was likeable, and I hope he finds someone else at college that can appreciate him. I fear Zoey will not. 

My Rating 3 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote Falling for you was never part of the plan.

Other People

Bray- Zoey’s bestie
Fynn- Gordon’s bestie

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