Friday, February 2, 2018

Review: Trick (Origin #4)

Author Scarlett Dawn
Format e-book
Print Length 167 pages
Publisher Self
Published December 5, 2017

The explosive and addicting Origin series by Scarlett Dawn dares the imagination with its next installment, TRICK. Mr. Valentine is back and he's more devious than ever.

Faith Peyton has run out of time to find a husband and her name is selected on Marriage Match by the highest bidder. When she reluctantly knocks on her future husband's front door, he doesn't even live there! The house belongs to the eccentric Alaric Wood, the sexiest man alive.

Alaric Wood isn't a man to be trifled with. His temper is a blood-thirsty beast that shouldn't be awakened. And when a waif of a woman shows up at his private mansion, claiming to be his future wife, he's had enough of the horrors that have plagued his life. 

Except a trick can be more than it seems...

My Opinion 

Faith’s time is up, she knows she is not made to be part of the Corporate Army and so she must marry. She is ready to be a wife, ready to call a home hers (she was raised in an orphanage). Mainly she just wants to belong. So off to The Marriage Match for her, a company that matches couples based on the highest bidder. The computer matches her with Alaric Woods, so she goes to met her future hubby.

Alaric had no idea that he was being matched, so color him surprised when he opens the door. He is even more surprised when she doesn’t back down and start weeping when he tells her to go away. Instead she meets him grumpy proclamations with peppy ones of her own.

Nothing much frazzles Faith, which is a nice refresher from the previous female characters. She doesn’t come across as hard or needed. She really is just strong, steady. I think her addition will add a bit of peppery sweet personality that the other female characters are missing. She isn’t jaded by her experiences in life and she doesn’t need to stay and fight.

I like how light this one is, Torment really did torment me and so I needed a book that wasn’t too deep in the darkness after what happened. 

A lot goes on in this book, so much so that is isn’t really a book about Faith and Alaric but more about what the heck is going on. Who Mr. Valentine is, what is his end game, plus his background are all revealed. So in essence this one really did push the series forward with leaps and bounds. It is looking like the month of March will be lucky as we get the next book in the series, Trap.

My Rating
4 out 5 stars

Favorite Quote “Faith, you’re one of my favorites. But, shh, don’t tell anyone, okay?”

Other People

Finn- Alaric’s besties, white tiger
Cass- Alaric’s bestie, seer- fox
Wolfe- Alaric’s besties, wolf
Rune- Alaric’s besties, black panther
Theron- King of Shifters
Mr. Valentine- the evil baddie

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