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Review: Impossible

Author: Komal Lewis
Format: ebook
Print Length: 254
Publisher: Self-published
Published: October 24, 2012 

Ashton Summers is on her way to becoming the most popular girl in school and nothing—or no one—is going to stand in her way. Especially not Luca Byron, her freak neighbor, with his tattoos, loud music, and distracting green eyes.

Luca Byron has three goals in life: get through high school with a low profile, make sure his garage band becomes something more than a hobby, and try to forget about his insufferable ex-best friend, Ashton, who he can’t get out of his mind.

The last thing Ashton and Luca want to do is rekindle their friendship, but when Ashton takes a tumble down the social ladder, Luca—with his new makeover—is the only one who can help her rise up again by pretending to be her boyfriend. At first, being together is unbearable and annoying, but things start to change as Ashton and Luca discover the real reasons they drifted apart seven years ago. 

Now, keeping their hands off each other seems impossible. 

My Thoughts

Luca use to be Ashton’s best friend until a tragedy happened in the fifth grade. Since then he and Ashton had not spoken too much. It hurt them both when they stopped talking and they turned to other people- Luca some people on the outskirts of the cliques and Ashton to a girl named Kance. Ashton and Kance make a pack to become the most popular girls in school- and they will do anything to keep that pack. 

Ashton has it all- the guys at school want to date her and the girls at school want to be her. But she is not happy. She lets her best friend Kance talk her into doing something mean- not too mean, just mean enough. Yeah, I forgot to mention she is a one of those “mean girls.” This cost her a lot- some of her so-called friends and the captainship of the cheerleading quad. Luca is her only chance to fix the miss that she got herself into- but will he do it? 

Ashton is a brat- a real brat. You know those girls in school that you look at and think seriously? That is Ashton. How can she have it all and still not be happy? Why does she have to be nasty mean in the process as well? I mean literally completely nasty. Luca is the guy next door- the one that dresses how he wants, likes who he likes, and well is just a good guy. He is also the only one that will tell Ashton the truth about the stuff that she does in the name of popularity. 

Why then do I like a book about a mean nasty girl who is falling for an awesome guy?  A guy that is social suicide once others figure it out? I like that Luca calls her out on her antics. I like that Luca’s friends although wary of Ashton try to accept her. I like that Luca can see right through Kance. Who by the way is the world’s worse bestie ever! I like that Ashton knows when she does wrong, feels bad for it but does it anyway in the name of popularity. It shows a side of popular that most people never see- the side that hurts.

My Rating 4 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “It’s impossible for me to stay away from you. It’s impossible for me to be without you.”

Other Characters

Oliver- dumb quarterback, why would anyone want to date him 
Kance- Ashton’s best friend, if I were Ashton I would get a protective vest for my back 
Riley/Eddie- members of Luca’s band, both pretty cool guys.

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