Monday, October 1, 2012

Halloween Sucks - Says Lily Drake

I was asked to describe my favorite fictional vampire recently.  I thought long and hard about this.  Did I want a soft vegetarian vamp with a heart of gold or maybe a bad vamp that is all about fun? Who is my favorite fictional vampire?   Obviously it would have to be one who actually liked humans- I had to be able to talk to him.  It would be nice if he could refrain from turning me into a snack.  I kinda like my blood right where it is- in my veins.

If I had to pick my absolute favorite vampire- it would be Nicholas Drake from the Drake Chronicles. 

Nicholas Drake is a fairly young vampire, having survived the turn two years ago.  He was born to a vampire daddy and a human mother.  He is the youngest son, and the second to youngest child and of course has seven siblings.  He is extremely protective of his little sister Solange, and her best friend Lucy. 

In the Drakes’ world, if you are born into a family with a human mother and a vampire father at the age of 16 you undergo a change.  This change will either automatically change you into a vampire or else kill you.  There is no choice for Nicholas- he always knew that this would be his life if he survived.

Nicholas is fiercely loyal to his family and girlfriend.  Even when forced to choose he puts things into motion that will of course protect the one he loves.  You can always count on Nicholas to be in the heat of things right along his siblings.  He does have limitations though- he has to drink blood.  Which is yucky for us but for him it is like chocolate.  He falls asleep when the sun rises- as in literally falls asleep where ever he is.  This is a safety mechanism for young vampires to teach them to avoid the sun, as it can kill them.  So who is your favorite fictional vampire and why? 


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  1. Thanks so much for participating. I'm not familiar with this one, but it's definitely going on my "to be read" list!

    Great post, will definitely be stopping by more!

    *hugs* and Happy Halloween!