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Review: Wicked Wish (The Royals: Warlock Court Book 2)

Author Megan Montero 
Format e-book 
Print Length 318 pages 
Publisher self 
Published Dec. 31, 2019 

They stole my power… time to get it back.

My power nearly killed me. Now I have to learn to control it before it hurts everyone else. Mistakes were made! And I am paying for them. A piece of me is missing, my magic, my essence it’s gone. And I want it back! there’s only one other person I can rely on to help me…Beckett.

He haunts my dreams distracting me from my task and the more we fight the more intense the dreams become. Secrets sizzle between us. I want to trust him, but I can’t and I need him now more than ever.

When I’m thrown into a deadly mission for my magic I have to choose between the safety of my old life or embrace the darkest parts of me. I’m surrounded by enemies, the council, and the warlock rebellion. I’ve never been the damsel in distress and now it’s time to save myself.

It’s time to become the warlock I was born to be… 

My Opinion 

Wicked Wish (The Royals: Warlock Court Book 2) is the second book in the second “season” of The Royals. At the end of Wicked Queen, Beck and Grayson are sent home to sort out their houses (warlock and vampire) this is Beck’s story. While you don’t have to start with the first set of books, I highly recommend it. There will be spoilers from the first season as well as Wicked Omen in this review- consider yourself warned. 

Wicked Wish picks up right where Wicked Omen left off- Astrid ascending, and Beck portaling to Zinnia for help. Her ascending is putting her life and that of the other heirs in mortal danger. Zinnia, of course, brings Tucker and the other queens of the Witches Court with her. What happens next is amazing, horrifying and wonderful all wrapped up in a ball with a pretty bow on it. I can’t tell you because of spoilers of course but dang did I call it or what. From my experience, having your magic blocked can wretch havoc on your love life. Just saying. The queens all go back to Evermore and leave the heirs to warlock business. Tilly, Astrid’s human bestie is having separation anxiety big time. Can’t say I blame her and threatens to find Astrid Liam Nelson style. Gotta say for a human this gal is golden. 

Astrid is having a hard time with control of this new power inside of her. So much so that Beck arranges a play date of sorts and Grayson show up! Now this chapter is a thing of beauty especially since Grayson has no clue about Beck’s feelings for Astrid. When the Brit gets to flirting with her I get to giggling because dang can he flirt. This is one vampire who I wouldn’t mind being around. Although my heart is still with Logan (heir, one of Beck’s besties) on this journey. 

Beck and Astrid are so cute to each other, after her ascension- until the council shows up. Then Beck goes back to being all about business but before then dang does he up his game. Being back to business means that Astrid has to go back to school. Classes aren’t so bad as long as Leo is in them. Leo who has a crush on a certain Coven member that we know and love. Until that is a complication occurs in the form of Kitty- really would someone besides Astrid would put the warlock in her place. The council shows up again, this time though Astrid gets them outta trouble since well Beck was outta commission for a while. 

Astrid tries to help a friend, which puts everyone outta shape. Said friend then helps her out, which also puts everyone outta shape. Then her control issue becomes a real issue- even Zinnia gets pissy. Tucker (who if you recall was one to overreact with Zinnia) is the only one not overreacting and instead gives sound advice. Hopefully Astrid will take it because the Fallen now have a task for her to complete with Beck alongside her. 

Astrid grows a lot in this book, Beck still tries to protect her. His protection though is not always shown in the best light. Okay so he is downright bossy and he keeps her in the dark a lot. He is still swoon worthy warlock material any day of the week and twice on Sundays. Astrid still fights everything his does. Not really sure why she doesn’t trust him yet. He even questions why she doesn’t trust him- pretty sure it is daddy issues at play here though. Nothing he can get around. 

There are a lot of surprises in this book. Surprise that are good and some that are along the lines of what the crap was that. Secondary characters step into the spotlight more often than before and are they a welcome addition. So grateful for the Tilly time that we got. Girl has personality for days and is just what the warlock world needs. We find out a little bit more about the heirs, each of them. 

I couldn’t get enough of Astrid and Beck binge reading it until the very end. That ending though, brings to mind this famous saying “Heaven has no rage, like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.” I cannot wait to see what happens in Wicked Lies. I have so many theories running around in my mind. Hopefully I am right, because someone needs to pay for the lies that they made. Honesty is always the best policy. Cannot wait for Wicked Lies, yes it needs to be repeated. This is going to be fun! 

My Rating 5 out of 5 stars 

Favorite Quote "You don’t begrudge me my dirty hottie. He’s like Lucky Charms sinfully delicious.” 

Other People 

Medusa- she’s Medusa, yep snakes in the head 
Maze- one of the five founding bloodlines of the warlock court, physic 
Tilly- Astrid’s human bestie 
Orin- demon cat 
Zinnia- Queen of Witches

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