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Review: Savage Fae (Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac #2)

Author Caroline Peckham, Susanne Valenti 
Format e-ARC 
Print Length 513 pages 
Publisher self 
Published Dec. 6, 2019

There's more to my brother's murder than I realised...

Shadows in the halls, mysteries lurking around every corner.

Whoever killed him is covering their tracks well.

And now I'm walking a dangerous line between getting close to the four kings for information and wanting to crawl deeper under their skin for my own desires.

I can't trust anyone.

I can't let my guard down.

And I must keep the urges of my body separate from my heart.

But I'm starting to break all of my own rules.

I just hope I'm not falling for my brother's killer. 

My Opinion 

Savage Fae (Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac #2) is the second book in the spin-off series Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac. There maybe spoilers from the original series Supernatural Beasts and Bullies (Zodiac Academy) in this review- consider yourself warned. 

Elise is still at Aurora Academy trying to discover the identity of her brother’s killer. She has narrowed down the suspect pool to the four kings of the academy. Her mission is a secret for the most part, no one knowing about it. What she finds at the end of book one does lead to one of the kings figuring out her connection to Gareth. He starts to help her find out the truth about her brother’s death. He is also eaten away with guilt although proclaims that he had nothing to do with his death. Where is the guilt coming from? 

We learn more about all of the kings in this book. Still have no clue who Gabriel is and who is after him. Leon has an older brother who is well a charismatic asshole. Elise hands him fairly well though, and come on who doesn’t want Leon to be happy. Him stalking the stalker was pretty funny as well. Dante’s family is interesting, his momma a sweet lady- although I wonder if she is the one who tortured Ryder. Ryder on the hands is still tough as nails, Elise mellows him more than anyone knows. 

Now reverse harems are typically not my thing. Okay it is fair to say I hate them. This one though, not hating so much. Yes, I started reading it because it was a spin-off of another book series that I loved and I was hoping to see Orion. Still haven’t seen him, still going to keep reading the series looking for him. Why am I not hating it so much- it doesn’t have a reverse harem feel to it. Elise is not screwing each guy every other chapter. I am hoping that in the end she is with Gabriel, he is my favorite in the series. Since it is reverse harem though, I am pretty sure that she will get all of them in the end. This of course, hurts my romantic heart a little. 

The ending though between Ryder and Dante is heartbreaking. I cannot wait to see where this leads to. A war is coming but with whom? Will two kings be on one side, standing together due to a woman? We still don’t know how Gareth died, although Cindy Lou is my prime suspect- only suspect. I just don’t see any of the guys doing it. This one leaves us with more questions than answers, which is just where the authors of a great series want us to be.

My Rating 4 out of 5 stars 

Favorite Quote “Because I think if I gave you my trust, you’d use it to steal my heart and once it was yours you’d never give it back."

Other People 

Ms. Nightshade- Siren, counselor shady as all get out 
Ryder- Dragon shifter, mortal enemy to Dante 
Dante- Basilisk shifter, mortal enemy to Ryder 
Leon- Lion shifter, family of thieves, friends with Dante 
Gareth- Harpy, roommate, loner

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