Thursday, April 11, 2019

Review: In a Badger Way (Honey Badger Chronicles #2)

Author Shelly Laurenston 
Format e-ARC 
Print Length 400 pages 
Publisher Kensington 
Published March 26, 2019 

Petite, kind, brilliant, and young, Stevie is nothing like the usual women bodyguard Shen Li is interested in. Even more surprising, the youngest of the lethal, ball-busting, and beautiful MacKilligan sisters is terrified of bears. But she’s not terrified of pandas. She loves pandas. 

Which means that whether Shen wants her to or not, she simply won’t stop cuddling him. He isn’t some stuffed Giant Panda, ya know! He is a Giant Panda shifter. He deserves respect and personal space. Something that little hybrid is completely ignoring.

But Stevie has a way of finding trouble. Like going undercover to take down a scientist experimenting on other shifters. For what, Shen doesn’t want to know, but they’d better find out. And fast. Stevie might be the least violent of the honey badger sisters, but she’s the most dangerous to Shen’s peace of mind. Because she has absolutely no idea how much trouble they’re in . . . or just how damn adorable she is. 

My Opinion 

This is not a stand alone book- I recommend that you at least reading the first one in the series, Hot and Badgered. Although I would good as far as saying you should probably read the entire Pride series first so that you know who all the “other characters” are as well. 

Sometimes when shifter’s mix, the hybrid that is formed is unique to say the least. Stevie is one such hybrid (tiger and honey badger), who has an IQ that is pretty much off the charts. A double prodigy: music- she walks away from this one thanks to daddy dearest and science. As a scientist she has dated other scientist. When the Group suspects one of them of experimenting on the hybrids they ask Stevie behind her sister’s back to see if her ex is up to no good. Complications are sure to arise as Stevie has extreme anxiety and issues controlling herself when she shifts. Enter her bodyguard Shen, on lone from Kyle due to Stevie’s family issues. 

Shen is a panda shifter who would like nothing better than to eat bamboo while laying in the sun. His laidback attitude is the perfect mix for Stevie’s anxiety riddled one. Nothing seems to faze him, not even Stevie’s shifter form. Panda shifters are known for being calm, cool and collective- cuddly even. He takes her to therapy, and goes along with her sisters when he needs to. Even calms her when bears some around- she is terrified of them even though she is like a ton bigger than them when shifted. Doesn’t really help that she lives in a bear neighbor. 

Favorite scenes have Irene in them- she really is the funniest logical human in this world. The fact that she shows up in this series after being in Pride just goes to show how much influence humans have in the shifter world. I think I love her the most out of all the Pride characters. 

In a Badger Way is hilariously over the top, shifting craziness with the MacKilligan sisters front and center. I laughed so loudly reading this one.  Their sisterly love is shining brightly in this one which makes it just that much better. I cannot wait for Max’s story. I know that a lot of people are shipping her with Dutch but honestly I hope she ends up with Cooper. 

My Rating 5 out of 5 stars 

Favorite Quote “My DNA eats other DNA for lunch. SO I am great! Emotionally and genetically.” 

Other People 

Max- Stevie’s older sister 
Charlie- Stevie’s oldest sister 
Kyle- child prodigy, Stevie’s bestie 
Irene- human, science prodigy 
Oriana- Shen’s sister

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  1. I love when a book can make me laugh! It's good to know that previous books in the series should be read first.

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape