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Review: Fated Mates (True Mates #1)

Author Alicia Montgomery
Format e-book 
Print Length 233 pages 
Publisher Eros Media 
Published August 19, 2016 

A secret Lycan world, hidden in plain sight. An outsider suddenly drawn in...She can't resist him, but he knows he can never have her... 

Private investigator Alynna Chase is drawn in to the world of werewolf shifter clans when she encounters charming and sexy Lycan, Alex Westbrooke. 

For centuries, werewolf shifters have moved among human society undetected, hiding in plain sight. The New York clan, hiding behind the powerful Fenrir Corporation, has ruled the East Coast for over two centuries, holding great power and position in both human and Lycan hierarchy. 

Alynna suddenly finds herself in the center of this secretive society world when her true heritage is revealed – a full-blooded Lycan, born of the fabled True Mate pairing between her human mother and powerful Alpha father. Drawn deeper into their world, she feels a magnetic pull towards Alex. 

As Alynna takes her place in Lycan high society, Alex knows he could never have her. He's a newcomer to New York and a member of the current Alpha’s security team, making her beyond his reach. But the attraction between them is too powerful, and he risks everything to have her. 

However, a threat to the clan and Alynna’s life draws them closer together, and Alex will do anything to protect her, even risk getting too close and defying Lycan hierarchy. 

With so many things at stake, will their affair end in disaster or have these two lonely souls found what they’ve been looking for? 

My Opinion 

Sometimes you find a hidden gem when you are in the library, bookstore or even clicking on an ad on Facebook. This is story was one such gem, so much so that I ended up binge reading the entire series in a week. Good thing the next book in the spin-off comes out in March. 

Alynna was raised by her mother and bachelor private investigator uncle. When her mom passes away her uncle teaches her how to be an private investigator so that she has something to fall back on. Hot on the tail of a client’s husband who is cheat she ends up in a club that caters to a different type of cliental. There she runs into Alex, a Lycan who recently transferred to a the New York clan. Their attraction is instantly and it accidently reveals that Alynna is a Lycan as well. In steps the alpha of the New York Clan, who turns out to be her half-brother. Her birth a blessing from her parents being True Mates. Now she must take her place as his heir which puts her at risk and out of place. 

Alynna is a “I can handle myself” kinda gal. For the most part, she can. There are times when Lycan politics gets in the way but for the most part she is a strong female lead that does not have to depend on someone to rescue her-from humans. As a newly discovered Lycan, she does need some help hence her brother gives her a security team. Emotionally, she struggles with several things and those struggles make the story more realistic. 

Alex, as being newly accepted into the New York clan knows that he has to be on his best behavior with the Alpha’s sister. Yet, their chemistry is hard to deny. He has more to lose than Alynna does from acting on the attraction yet. He is protective of her, even to her brother which does get the notice of clan members who are close to the Alpha. I do hate how he pulls away from her and at times I wanted to shake him hard. 

As a couple these two sizzle. Their moments alone together are hotter than hot. Their reasons for staying apart are all one sided and annoying. Good thing the Alynna agrees. 

Fated Mates is a fun, fast paced shifter book that will bring with it an increase in heart rate, sighing and then a tightening of your lips as you get annoyed with Alex being well Alex. Regardless, you should take the time to read it if you like a series that is complete, intertwined with each other but could be stand-alone if you wanted it to be. 

My Rating 4 out of 5 stars 

Favorite Quote “That he couldn’t trust her and deep down inside maybe he knew he wasn’t worthy of her?” 

Other People 

Grant- Alpha of New York Clan 
Nick- Beta of New York Clan 
Cady- Human Liaison for New York Clan

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