Monday, October 24, 2016

Review: Vampire’s Kiss

Author Ella Summers
Format e-book
Print Length 201 pages
Publisher Night Spark Media
Published October 14, 2016

Leda Pierce is working as a paranormal bounty hunter on the Frontier, the dividing line between human civilization and the plains of monsters. Life is simple and the pay modest, but at least she has her family. That is, until a vampire hunt goes wrong and her brother goes missing, captured by the dark angels of hell. 

With no magical powers of her own and no way to find him, Leda’s only option is to go to New York and join the Legion of Angels, an elite unit of supernatural soldiers with powers gifted to them by the gods themselves. If she can survive long enough to make it up the ranks, she will gain the magic she needs to find her brother. 

But Leda soon finds herself on the wrong side of a conspiracy that will shake up the supernatural world—and at the mercy of a fiercely powerful and tempting angel. 

Vampire’s Kiss is the first book in the Legion of Angels series.

My Opinion

Leda grew up in a family of her own making, Callie her non-adopted adopted mom raised her right. Take care of your siblings and your siblings will take care of you. So when her brother Zane is taken with no clue as to find him, she and her momma visit an old friend blessed with sight. The only way to get Zane back is if Leda join the Legion of Angels and levels up fast to a level nine. Once at Headquarters though, Leda so realizes that more is going on than meets the eye.

Leda has a sassiness that shows up every now and then but doesn’t always remain. She questions authority at every turn. This does not always go well for one who is training to be a solider. There were a few times where I was rolling my eyes at her. There is some tension with her and Nero – I wouldn’t label it sexual tension. It is clear that he is her love interest but I felt that there was a lack of chemistry between the two of them. Hopefully this will get better with the next book in the series. The friendship and circle of trust that is so blatant in all three Dragon Born series, is also nonexistence there. Which makes sense since Leda just met everyone at Headquarters. Relationships though can make or break a book, so hopefully she can form some really soon.

I liked the world building and the background story. Hopefully the kinks that were causing me not to love this one will be worked out in the next book. If you haven’t read anything by Ella Summers yet, try her Dragon Born series first, once you have finished them then move on to this one. She tends to put out books fast so you should have no worries.

My Rating 3 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “Angels are every bit as dangerous as monsters.”

Other People

Nero- trainer, angel
Harker- trainer in the Legion
Ivy- Leda’s new roomie
Drake- Leda’s other roomie

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