Friday, April 22, 2016

Review: The Witchling Apprentice

Author B. Kristin McMichael
Format e-book
Print Length 229 pages
Publisher Lexia Press, LLC
Published March 15, 2016

Witches, potions, and magical spells—that all made sense, but men turning into animal-like monsters in the middle of the night? That had to be fiction, right? Wrong. Cassandra Booth thought her world of witches would be complete when she joined her coven. Fate didn’t plan to let that be the case for her. Joining the coven brings new knowledge, like mates and men as animals, all things Cassie would rather not know. As her plans unravel she must find a way to join the coven without committing her life to a guy she once was friends with and now hates.

My Opinion

Cassie has grown-up an outsider in her hometown. Partly because no one knows who her daddy is. Partly because she was raised by her eccentric aunt and grumpy uncle. And finally because her powers scare the begeebees out of people. She believes that if she takes and passes the test to become a witchling apprentice early she will finally find her place. Instead she finds more questions and a mate that she doesn’t want. How to get rid of him and still take her place in the coven is her main concern. Instead she honestly should be worried about things that go bump in the night.

Cassie is an interesting gal. She accepts all the changes that come with being in a coven with an open mind. All but one- the mating parting. I honestly don’t get why she can accept night and day humans but not he paring of the two. I felt that she was protesting too much.

Nate is a good mate. He is kind and understanding of what Cassie is going thorough. Okay, so for the last 8 years he had to stay away from Cassie but that was due to his alpha. He is not only understanding, he protects her- from evil and from herself. Cassie makes some mistakes. Things happen and she gets kidnapped not once but twice by two different groups. Nate is there both times, to save the day. Cassie isn’t always the nicest to him. I get her resentment but like the song goes- let it go.

The Witchling Apprentice is an intriguing start to a spin-off series. You do not have to read the original story to understand what is going on in the tale. I didn’t and had no trouble following the plot. It does make you want to go back and read the original series if you go t the time. Here is hoping that some questions will be answered in the next book.

My Rating 3 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote
"He was her protector, and she could feel it even more strongly now."

Other People

Whitney- girl bestie, keeps failing all witch classes
Owen- guy bestie
Jack- Cassie’s cousin

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