Friday, April 8, 2016

Review: Conspiracy Boy

Author Cecily White
Format e-ARC
Print Length 352 pages
Publisher Entangled: Teen
Published March 7, 2016

Nobody said senior year was going to be easy, but I wasn’t expecting pure hell, either. That’s right. HELL.

Demons attacking. Cheerleaders screaming. Vampires and werewolves asking where the bathroom is. Just another day here at St. Michael’s Guardian Training Academy. It wouldn’t be so bad if the administration would let me get back to my demon-slaying duties like every other angelblood on campus. But with my bondmate Jack promoted to head trainer, my annoying fiancĂ© Luc trying to start a political uprising, and that pesky prophecy still floating around predicting I’m going to kill everyone I love...well, let’s just say “complicated” took on a whole new meaning.

But things are looking up.

If I can survive Luc’s deadly Sovereign Trials and keep my evil twin sister from starting a war, Jack and I might actually have a chance of saving the world. If not, at least I won't have to worry about what to wear to prom.

My Opinion

Conspiracy Boy starts off pretty much where Prophecy girl left off, Ami is still killing demons. Jackson is still running in to save the day, which makes sense they are dating and he is her bondmate. There are two difference- no bestie, and apparently she is Luc’s fledgling (Jackson’s vamp cousin). They have to go through the Immortal Sovereign Trial but before that can happen Ami must find out who sent an assassin after her. She also has to figure out how to fulfill Gabriel’s prophecy without killing Jackson. They thought that they had won that battle at the end of Prophecy Girl, but the truth is- it had just begun.

Ami is still the sassy, butt-kicking Guardian that we know and love. She has snarky down to a science, and can take on a demon with the best of them. She isn’t perfect, she gets jealous, she argues, she back talks. She is also extremely loyal, and ever hopeful. She is impulsive and reactive. I like her.

Jackson is ever the self-sacrificing Watcher. He is the logical one of their pairing, the plotter- the mastermind. Everything he does he does to protect her and their bond.

Luc gets well… more interesting in this book than in the previous one. He is still protective of his inner circle. His character develops strongly in this book, with several scenes where he dominates. I like that he is in charge of the Society. It gives him purpose, something to do, and a way to help.

The big baddie, I wasn’t expecting. I should have been but I felt blindsided. I thought it was a different person, one who actually was trying to help. That makes for a good book. One that keeps you guessing, especially one where your guess is wrong yet you are still happy.

Conspiracry Boy is a worthy follow-up to Prophecy Girl. While it didn’t wow me as much as the first one did, it kept me entertained. In the long run, that is what matters.

My Rating 4 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “Hope is for people with choices.”

Other People

Petra- assassin sent to get Ami
Dean- werewolf, Jackson’s bestie
Annabella- Luc’s minion (think she is into him)
Lori- Advance wards instructor, Jackson’s ex
Arianna- Luc’s momma

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