Sunday, April 24, 2016

Review: Air Awakens

Elise Kova
Format e-book
Print Length 377 pages
Publisher Silver Wing Press
Published August 27, 2015

My Opinion

Vhalla is a library apprentice who’s research saved the life of the Crown Prince Aldrik. Prince Aldrik has a fire affinity and he recognizes magic in Vhalla’s notes. The Minister of Sorcery takes her from all that she knows to the Tower of Sorcerers and tells her who she is. Vhalla has a huge case of denial which is rooted in deep seated racism against the sorcerers. Prince Aldrik recognizes this and instead of giving up on her uses her own thirst for knowledge to open her eyes.

Vhalla grows throughout the book starting first as a closed minded meek individual towards the end she has adapted. She becomes a strong-willed young lady who will do anything for those that she loves. Always the first to use logic, she learns that sometimes emotions are enough. Prince Aldrik is not a nice prince. He is ruthless and hard. He is protective and reckless. Yeah, a walking oxymoron. He is extremely quick-tempered yet knows when he has to be remorseful. He agrees to mentor Vhalla and he pushes her, which is good. She thrives under his tutelage. 

Vhalla is the only known sorcerer with a wind affinity. All others have been killed- she is a special unicorn. This makes her feared which is important because a feared Vhalla is an imprisoned Vhalla. Will Aldrik get there in time to save her? Can he?

The chemistry between these two is explosive. Only events prevented them from acting on it. So tight is the tension that I am guessing within the first half of the next book it will break. Which is not a good thing, with the ending the reader is left with.

Enjoyable first book in the series. The world building was captivating and the characters likeable. Leaves the reader with a strong desire to revisit the world at a later date.

My Rating 3 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “They are far greater than the sum of their parts together, but are equally as dangerous to each other’s existence.”

Other People

Sareem- Vhalla’s friend, crushes on her
Roan- Vhalla’s bestie
Baladair- Aldrik’s swoony brother
Larel- sorcerer
Senator Egmum- Bad guy

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