Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Author Interview: Chris Cannon

The other day I got a chance to sit down with Chris Cannon, author to one of my favorite dragon series~Going Down in Flames.  Hopefully our chat will leave you as excited as it did me.  Afterwards there is short excerpt from Trail by Fire, which released yesterday.

~Why do you write about dragons?
Doesn’t everyone have dragons flying around in their heads? No? Just Me? That’s weird.

~Your books have a lot of food in them.  My gal Bryn can surely eat.  I feel like there is a story behind this.
Apparently I’m obsessed with food. I didn’t realize this was the case until other people told me that reading my books made them hungry. Some people found it annoying. Fellow foodies like myself enjoyed it. I will even admit to having a crush on Guy Fieri from Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.

~I absolutely love this series. Can you give us a hint- maybe a number of how many books we can expect to be about Bryn and this beautiful dragon world you created?
My editor pointed out that my books span about 3months in the characters lives. So Bryn’s first year at school will be covered in four books. I’d planned to write about Bryn’s senior year too, which would make eight books.

~ Plotter or a Pantser?
I’d love to say that I plot out my stories using color-coded post-its and metallic sharpies. That is not the case. I am a total Pantser. I know the direction I want to go, and then I sit down to write. I once outlined an entire book and found I couldn’t write it because I already knew the ending. Weird. I know.

~Just in case someone doesn't know- what is the reading order of this series?
Going Down In Flames
Bridges Burned
Trial By Fire

~What do you want your readers to take away from these dragon tales?
I love to make people laugh. Bryn and Clint can say all the smart ass things that I think but don’t utter aloud.

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me.  I absolutely adore dragon stories and this series is one of the best!

Excerpt from Trial by Fire

Skipping two days of classes seemed to have multiple consequences, like extra homework and people staring at her like they had when she’d first come to school. She hadn’t missed that level of scrutiny and wasn’t happy to have it back.

 “What is everyone’s problem?” Bryn asked as she walked on the treadmill in Basic Movement.

Valmont ran on the treadmill next to her, not breaking a sweat. “We are a curiosity.”

“I wish we could fly today.” Something inside of her ached to shift and take flight, but Mrs. Anderson refused to let her fly until she had clearance from a medic.

 “After classes today, why don’t we find Medic Williams and ask her for a note, so you’ll be able to fly tomorrow.”

“Or we could go flying tonight.” Bryn increased the speed on her treadmill to a jog.

“Sorry, I’m siding with the authorities on this. If you need more time to recover, then that’s what you’ll have.” She glared at him.

“That look doesn’t work on me.” He grinned. Then the corners of his mouth turned down.

“What?” Bryn checked the area for whatever had made him frown. Jaxon stalked in their direction. Great. When he reached her, he smacked the button to turn off her treadmill.

“You need to joust or do something to show everyone you aren’t weak.”

 Valmont turned his treadmill off and moved to stand at Bryn’s side. “You need to work on your manners.”

Jaxon didn’t even acknowledge Valmont. “I’m trying to help you.”

“Why?” It was a serious question.

“Because I don’t like being associated with anyone who is weak,” Jaxon snapped.

Now she understood. “You went from caring and concerned to a self-centered asshat in one sentence.”

“You do realize your opinion of me means nothing.” Jaxon stepped closer. “Go do something to prove you’re not spineless.”

He’d crossed a line. “I could start by blasting you across the room.”

“You could try,” Jaxon said. “But you wouldn’t succeed.”

The desire to shoot a fireball at his head had flames crawling up the back of her throat.

Valmont put his arm around her shoulders. “He’s an idiot, but he knows how his Clan thinks. Let’s go practice with broad swords.”

“Fine.” Bryn let Valmont guide her toward the lockers where the equipment was kept. Valmont squeezed her shoulders.

“You do realize, when you face off with Jaxon, you won’t be doing it alone.”

 She wanted to argue but knew that would hurt his feelings, so she nodded in acknowledgment. Why did it feel like she was lying to him?

Valmont opened several lockers until he found what he wanted. Pulling a set of rapiers from the locker, he frowned. “Are these toothpicks the only blades they have?” Bryn chuckled.

“Jaxon and his friends have trained with those since they were five. I think your broadsword is a much better weapon.”

“Agreed. But for the Bryn-is-still-a-badass show, I guess we’ll use these.”

“I like the sound of that. It would look good on a T-shirt.”

Valmont pointed toward the ring. “After you, Ms. Badass.”

“Does that make you Mr. Badass?” Bryn asked.

He grinned. “I think it does.”

Once in the ring, Bryn faced off with Valmont, which felt weird. “I’m not sure we can—” He came toward her swinging his sword in a wide arc. She blocked it with her sword. “Hey!”

“Showtime.” Valmont’s eyes darted to the side. A crowd was gathering. Fan-freaking-tastic. Ignoring the crowd, she shoved Valmont’s sword back, forcing him to retreat. He came at her, and she blocked. She swung at him, and he dodged the blow. Faster and faster, they dueled. The sound of wooden sword clacking against wooden sword played out like a song.

The fact that she hadn’t been able to touch Valmont with her sword both irritated her and made her proud. Her knight had skills. His sword whizzed by her shoulder. Too close. She focused on pushing him back. Sweat ran between her shoulder blades. He held his ground, giving little.

She raised her sword and brought it down with all her might, he blocked and crack half his sword was gone. She stopped wide-eyed.

Valmont held out his stubby sword. “I think you won.”

The crowd around the ring drifted away. Jaxon caught her eye and gave a nod of approval. She reined in the instinct to roll her eyes or flip him off. Instead, she gave a curt nod back. When she made eye contact with Valmont, his jaw muscle was clenched. “What’s wrong?”

“I hate that Jaxon was right.”

Bryn laughed. If that didn’t prove they were meant for each other, nothing would.

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