Saturday, March 29, 2014

Book Boyfriend (12) Nate Grimm

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He knows how to dress.

I'd never seen him in anything except an impeccably tailored wool suit, simple silk tie, and an overcoat that looked like a prop from Casablanca. And the fedora that covered his dark hair was such a permanent fixture, I often found myself debating if the shadows shrouding his handsome face were from the hat or some other, more mysterious source.

Even Tess' Gran approves.

Gran shot me an irritated glance. "I am just saying that he has gone out his way for you. he seems like a perfect gentleman. And he certainly is handsome enough." 

He knows how to kiss.

My eyes fluttered closed as Nate's lips found mine in a slow, unhurried kiss, his mouth pressing against mine so tenderly it stole my breath.

Nate kissed me like a man on a mission, his lips demanding to know every secret, every mystery of my own.

Nate has already been through a lot to protect Tess.  Each time he does protect her he has to undergo a penance that an ordinary guy would not survive.  His love for her knows no bounds.


  1. I'm all for that knows how to kiss one! Hehe

  2. Nate sounds like someone I'd definitely like to get to know. Great pick!