Saturday, March 8, 2014

Book Boyfriend (10) Ander

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He knows his weaknesses.

In fairy tales, a kiss can turn a beast into a prince, but with me it's the other way around. One kiss can wake the wolf.

The monster.

I forced myself to stay tied to this human world because it's Cicely's world. Without her, there wouldn't be a me any more. I'm human because I love her.

He worries about the girl.

I stifle a sudden pang of worry.  I always worry about Cicely, especially when she is out of my sight- which is stupid when you stop to thing about it.  Cicely is actually safest away from me.  The only monster in the woods is right here.

Ander is a sweet boy.  He loves Cicely but tries to avoid being with her because he thinks he is a monster.


  1. Oh I like him! AND I don't know this book. Hehe Thanks for sharing.

    Valerie @ StuckInBooks

  2. NICE!! I have had this book for so long and haven't read it yet. You have inspired me to get on it.