Saturday, January 11, 2014

Book Boyfriend (2) Aric

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Aric from the Weird Girls series is my cuddly book boyfriend of the week.  Sure, as a were he could possibly shed some hair on my furniture but I would gladly vacuum it up for a couple of dates with him.

He is willing to help.

Aric's face hardened. "I don't deny you're tough or that you can fight. You have to be to endure the shit you have. But stop feeling like you have to rely on yourself all the time. I'm around now, Celia. You're no longer alone.

Sealed with a Curse Kindle Location 2505

He knows when to hold on.
 Aric sat on the edge of the porch, draping me across his lap. His strong chiseled arms curled around me. My cheek fell against his bare chest and our bodies melded and relaxed into a state of tranquility.

A Cursed Embraced Kindle Location 1052

He is not afraid to show his emotions.

I meant what I told you at Koda and Shayna's wedding, sweetness. You're the one I want to spend my life with.

Cursed by Destiny Kindle Location 491


  1. Didn't know about Aric. Thanks for the intro.


  2. Great pick. Aric sounds like someone I would definitely like to get to know. Thanks for introducing me to him.