Saturday, January 4, 2014

Book Boyfriend (1) Nicholas Drake

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My very first book boyfriend post will go to none other than Nicholas Drake from the Drake Chronicles Series.

He really knows how to compliment a gal- for a teenage vampire that is.

"When you're angry, your heart beats faster. It's like the cherry on a hot fudge sundae."
Hearts at Stake Kindle Location 110

He is protective.

"Nicholas leaned against the wall nearest to me, like he didn't want me out of his reach, even in his own house."
Bleeding Hearts Kindle Location 2435

He understands that value of love.

“I knew damn well if Lucy broke up with me I'd still love her until I turned to dust.”
Blood Moon Kindle Location 761

“And then Lucy happened...
She made everything better...
She was necessary.”
Blood Moon Kindle location 776

He knows how to kiss.

"He dipped his head, slanting his mouth over mine. The kiss didn't meander or hesitate, it went straight to fire. I was a drought-dry field and Nicholas was the spark. Our tongues touched and I felt it all the way down my thighs and into my toes."
Blood Prophecy Kindle Location 1500

So who is your book boyfriend for the week?  Some tall dark and handsome?  Maybe with a little techno geek on the side?


  1. Oh my. Think I like this guy!

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  2. So glad you joined the Book Boyfriend of the Week Meme. This is one of the most funny meme's I participate in. Nicholas Drake sounds like someone I definitely want to me. Great choice!

  3. +JMJ+

    The first quotation is adorable! I can imagine that it really disarmed Lucy to hear it. =)