Friday, August 17, 2012

J. L. Armentrout Read-a-thon

It is time!  It is time!  Holy alien babies everywhere it is time!

Here is my plan:  Friday of course I work and then got the toddlers.  So I will hopefully get to participate in the live chat.  Then after the girl's bedtime I am going to read Onyx.   After Onyx, I am planning on reading the Covenant series again. 

Here's Val's plan from Stuck in Books: I actually have to work Friday and then I have some read-a-thon business to deal with so I may not read as much as I had hoped. BUT I will re-read Onyx. If I get that done, I will be happy. Should I have more time, I'm gonna re-read Deity.

Challenges: The first challenge will go live in 4 hours. Challenge winners will pick prizes off the prize pile. There will be two more post, Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Author Chat: Jennifer will be doing a chat with us at 6PM EST here. She will have a prize pile pick to giveaway.

Twitter party: The twitter party will be Saturday at 10PM EST. We will be using the hashtag #JLAReadathon. Jennifer will not be online for this but Val will be there giving away some Daemon bookmarks to peeps that can answer my questions.

Prize Pile:

(3) Signed copy of Elixir (US)

(3) Cursed t-shirt (US)

(3) Obsidian + Daemon bookmark(US/Canada)

(2) Onyx (INT)

(2) Choice JLA Book (INT)

Daemon Bookmark (INT)

If you haven't signed up but would like to participate, please feel free to join us! Just go to Val's blog and fill out the entry form!

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  1. Sweet! Hope you enjoy Onyx.

    Thanks for posting all the deets about the readathon. You rock.