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Author: Royce Buckingham
Format: eARC
Print Length: 177 pages
Publisher: Story Merchant Books
Published: Feb. 25, 2012
Seattle’s local Demonkeeper, Nathaniel Grimlock, is lost at sea. In his absence, the demons have taken over the city!

It’s up to his delinquent apprentice Richie and Nat’s two competing girlfriends to prevent Seattle’s destruction until he can find his way home to face the most powerful demon of them all.

Demonocity is the catastrophic conclusion to Royce Buckingham’s bestselling German series.

My Thoughts

Demonocity starts off right where Demoneater left off.  Nat had just left, to find the water demon that killed his parents. Lilli, Richie and Sandy have to go on without him.  While I understand why Nat left, I was still a little resentful of it.  Leaving a neophyte Demonkeeper, who is 13 years old, to take over the “family” business.  Family of course being one in which you make.
The demons what the Nat let free in Demoneater were causing chaos in Settle.  The trio had to try to help contain that chaos before the city was destroyed.  Although the only one of the group that seems to want to help is unfortunately the only one that cannot actually feel or see demons.  Poor Sandy keeps trying to get the other two on board with cleaning up the city.  Richie at times is a complete jerk to her, taking his cues from Lilli.  Lillie is as selfish as ever in the beginning of the book.  Although she does redeem herself towards the end, even admitting to herself that she is jealous of Sandy. 
Nat’s journey, on the other hand, is no picnic either.  He does have two of his minions with him, Nikolai and Pernicious.  While they keep him company, they cannot protect him from the water demon.  Their meeting with the waterdemon is less than friendly, ending with them becoming shipwrecked.  They end up on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch- “a vortex of marine liter in the central North Pacific Ocean.”

Buckingham outdoes himself with this little gem.  This one and a half mile wide island is made up of litter that floats in the ocean.  It is hilarious that the plastic island is made up of environmental minded people.  Why you are thinking?  These people are so worried about the environment that they are willing to kill those in their way.  This part of the book reminded me of those people who are against drilling in the ocean for oil and they are on boats to protest.  Yet, the boat that they are on is leaking oil into the ocean.  Just kinda tickles my fancy I guess.

Back in Settle the trio are having a grand ole time of trying to contain the chaos.  Too bad that Sandy is still the only one who’s heart is into it.  Richie and Lilli kinda treat her a little bad for a little while.  I wanted to yell and shake Richie, all the while slipping Lilli during these moments of egos bubbling over.  Sandy takes it in stride though, concerned only with doing the right thing. 

The conclusion of the trilogy was better than the middle story.  Which is typical of all trilogy.  Usually the second book tries to move the story into a direction that the readers were not expecting all the while having us cheer for the main leads.  The third book brings it all together nicely, except Demonocity does not wrap it all up.

My only criticism of the book is again the love tri-angle.  There is still no real closure with who Nat will pick.  The fact that while they are in danger Nat not knowing who to go to first is vastly annoying.  If you are not into a gal, don’t date her man.  If you are into her, than treat her right.  This makes me continue my thoughts on what a douche Nat is.

My Rating 3 out 5 stars

Other Characters

Richie- homeless teenager, Nat makes him his apprentice.
Sandy- Nat’s librarian girlfriend, he is her first boyfriend.  She happens to be his first girlfriend as well.
Mr. Neebor- the ornery old guy who lives next door.  Not so ornery in this one.
Lilli- a free-spirited hippie chick, who happens to be another Demonkeeper.
Carma- A gal that lives on the island of plastic- she kinda hates it.
Mayor- he needs help and is not afraid to ask for it.

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