Saturday, February 29, 2020

Review: Wicked Hunt

Author Megan Montero 
Format e-book
Print Length 160 pages 
Publisher self 
Published Feb. 26, 2020

To take him down, I’d use all of my power…

I know exactly who Dario Malbeck is. I know everything about him. I know all of his dirty secrets and his evil deeds. He is more of a monster than my father ever was...because Dario just likes it.

He needs to go down for what he did. He needs to pay for his crimes and I’ve dreamt of this day for a long time. So when Matteaus asks me and Cross to hunt him down, I don’t hesitate to say yes. I want the man dead, the problem is…he’s Cross’s father. Deep down I know he doesn’t want his own father dead and I’ll do anything to spare him that pain. Now I must find a way to stop Dario without killing him. If I don’t, I may lose Cross forever.

And that would be the biggest problem ever because I kind of, sort of, accidentally fell in love with Cross.

To win, I’ll have to walk that fine line between good and evil…but a little bad never hurt anybody, right?

My Opinion 

There will be spoilers from books in both series: The Royals: The Witches Court and The Royals: The Warlock Court. Consider yourself warned.

We are introduced to Cross and Ophelia in The Royals: The Witches Court series. They are my favorite secondary non-couple couple in the series. Ophelia is my favorite secondary character of both courts so far. So to say that I was excited to read their story is an understatement. I went into this one expecting a lot. It blew my expectations out of the water, onto dry land in another continent! Dang! This was a fabulous novella- I have read it four times already, yes, it is that good. 

Coming out of The Royals: The Witches Court, Ophelia had just help kill her own father. She knows the emotional toil that has taken on her. When Cross is tasked to do so by Matteaus, it was like fate was granting them permission to take out the big baddie without feeling guilt. Matteaus is an angel after all. Ophelia doesn’t want Cross to go through what she did- so she sets out to protect him. What we get is an action packed novella with just enough chemistry and tension thrown in that you get to the ending thinking that is all? When is the next time we get to see them again? I mean come on- they are fabulous together and we need more. We demand more, even if it is just in the supporting cast role again.

Ophelia is a bad ass half witch half warlock. She is full of sass, without a lot of peppiness or smiling. Most people take her as being well a witch, when the reality is she is so much more. Lots of people see her as evil, Cross sees her as perfect. He has always supported her. Where she goes, he follows. If she is in danger, he is typically right next to her in just as much danger. That is why he is perfect for her. The author has been hinting at something going on between these two for a long time. Cross has always flirted with Ophelia and she has almost always resisted him. They were like two objects that were being pushed towards each other and yet held back at the same time. So for several books now, I have wondered what has held her back. 

Holy heck bat man is it big! So big that I did not see it coming! Then got teary eyed, then let them fall when I realized what had happened between them. Damn you, Cross! I could have shaken you! I wanted to shake you! I understand Ophelia even more now than ever before. She is still my favorite!

Moving on to Cross, as an heir to the warlock council, he has always had a lot of pressure on him. He has had the benefit of the other heirs being by his side through it all. Becket as his guy besite, Logan and Maze have helped him through the pain of having a heartless mom and an evil dad. They even support him with Ophelia. This makes him more grounded than others who had to rely only on themselves. He is powerful. He is an heir. He willing steps back so that Ophelia can shine in her element. Gotta love a man who supports his gal. Not once do I feel like the tries to stop her from one of her hair brain schemes. Probably because he knows it wouldn’t matter, and he trust that her solution will work its way out. I love how supportive he is of Ophelia. 

For a novella this one packs an emotional punch! We learn about Ophelia’s mom, her birth mom. We see Astrid and Beckett- boy is he in hot water with her. So much so that I cannot wait for the next book to be released. If this one was any indication- Beck is in TROUBLE with a capital T. Astrid is pissed and ready for revenge. Ophelia is all for helping her, so why not? I like how their friendship is growing (Astrid and Ophelia’s). Ophelia needs a friend that is just for her and this just makes me so happy.

Action packed from beginning to end. The race to find Cross daddy is on, and Ophelia is taking no prisoners. She wants to prevent Cross from the pain of killing his dad. Which in itself says something. 

So much is revealed, so many questions left to ask. Please write faster! I need to see Logan and Maze. I want to watch Astrid get her revenge. I want to see Beck grovel at her toes. Is Tilly okay? Do Ophelia and Cross take that step that they haven’t taken yet? I need back into the world of The Royals: Warlock Court now! 

My Rating 5 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “Bet that was a kick in the psychic ego balls for you.”

Other People 

Astrid- female warlock heir
Beckett- warlock heir, bestie to Cross
Maze- one of the five founding bloodlines of the warlock court, physic

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