Monday, December 16, 2013

Day One of Decking the Blog with the Shadow Falls Crew: Holiday Wishes from The Shadow Falls Crew

The Shadow Falls series by C.C. Hunter is one of my absolute favorite series. I was excited that CC Hunter decided to create a spin-off series Shadow Falls After Dark. The first book in the series,Reborn is set to be released in May of 2014. May is a long time to wait- a whole 5 months from now. I was getting a little antsy wondering what was going on in one of my favorite places to visit when I got a lovely email from The Shadow Falls Crew.  The next four days will be known as Decking the blog with the Shadow Falls Crew.

Day One of Decking the Blog with the Shadow Falls Crew gives us insight into how they are celebrating the holidays!

It’s the holidays and time to revel in seasonal cheer. Here at Shadow Falls we’re decorating, planning some parties and getting ready for the magic of the season. And you never know what magic can happen with this supernatural crowd. 

If we’re not careful, Miranda might turn someone into an elf-dressed kangaroo. Perry will probably shift into Rudolph just to get a couple of laughs. Della might hang decorations in the tops of the highest trees, just to prove she can. Kylie will no doubt, be hanging mistletoe hoping to get some of the campers to find a little romance. (Cough…cough…Della and Steve.) Lucas will be trying to catch Kylie under the mistletoe. Steve will be watching Della hoping for a mistletoe moment. Derek will be touching everyone trying to make sure they are all in the spirit of the holiday. And he’s got his eyes on Jenny with his own sprig of mistletoe in his pocket—just in case. 

Holiday and Burnett will be standing back watching all the entire Shadow Falls cast with a sense of pride--the kind of pride that happens with family. And that’s what the holidays are really about--spending time with people you care about. 

So from the whole Shadow Falls crew and C.C. Hunter, we wish you all a happy holiday.

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