Friday, September 13, 2013

Character Interview: Steve from the Shadow Falls After Dark Series

When the Shadow Falls Series ended in April, I had mixed emotions.  I adored the series and was sad to see it go.  Plus, I had a lot of unanswered questions with the secondary characters.  In the beginning, CC Hunter wrote a short story on how Della was turned into a vampire, called Turned at Dark.  This caused me to literally fall deeply in adoration for Della.  She was dealt a hand that she did not ask for, yeah it made her jaded- but it also made her our Della.
Mainly Steve and Della- would those two ever get together?  This is totally CC Hunter's fault, she did write a novella with Steve and Della called Saved at Sunrise.  I pouted for weeks, wondering what would become of one of my favorite vampires and then the most amazing thing happened.  

CC Hunter announced that she was doing a spin-off series, Shadow Falls After Dark.  Not only was this a spin-off series but the main character was Della.  This fan girl jumped up and down, my kids joining me not knowing why momma was happy just knowing that I was jumping.  My husband looked over and said "let me guess one of your favorite authors is starting a new series."  This is the point where I stick my tongue out at him and just smile.  He knows me so well.  

The only bad thing about this deal is that we have to wait until April of 2014 to read this book.  Man, it feels like a long wait but honestly it's only seven months.  We can handle waiting for seven months right?  Especially if say one hot shapeshifter stops by to answer some questions?

Steve thanks so much for taking the time out of your schedule to sit with me. You must be thirsty from your flight, do you want something to drink? Sweet Ice Tea?

Steve: No, I’m good, thanks.

Let's go out onto the front porch and chat a while.

You must have been nervous when Burnett asked you to take on a mission with Della. What was going on in your head?

Steve: Well, my first thought was damn she’s hot. Sorry, but I am a guy after all. He gives me a quick smile. Then, I thought about the responsibility. I know Della comes off like she can do anything, but just because she’s a vampire, it doesn’t mean she can’t get hurt. And I knew if anything did happen to her, Burnett would have my butt in a sling. But even more than that, I’d never forgive myself if she got hurt. Then, look what happened. I’d never been so scared in my life when I saw her get stabbed.

Speaking of Della, you two got close on the mission and since then she has been pulling back. Are you going to keep chasing after her or will you move on to easier fish to catch?

Steve: It’s frustrating as hell. But my dad always used to tell me anything worth having is worth working for. And I think that says it all. 

Honey you got style, after giving a pint of blood to spend time with her, she refused. You carried her out into the woods in front of everyone- where did you take her and what did y'all do?

Steve: He chuckles. You should know Della well enough to know nothing happened that she didn’t want to happen. And that’s all I’m saying. 

Is there anything that the readers need to know about you to get behind the Steve/Della ship?

Steve: Hmm…not sure how much I can reveal, but I know I can tell you she makes me crazy, but crazy in a good way. Plus, I think I’d really be good for her. I know she’s been hurt, but she needs to learn to open up and trust someone, and I believe I’m that someone. 

Now I need to go find Della. He rises and heads toward the door, then stops and turns back toward me. She’s got herself in trouble again and I’m determined to help her out, even if she tries to kill me. He gives me a quick wink and disappears through the door.

Oh my- sexy, smart and protective.  Lucky Della!


  1. This was great. Thank you, Angela. I love that your husband could figure out what you were thrilled at. I would have stuck my tongue out at him, too. LOL.

    Thank you again for the post.


  2. I have so many of the books in this series but haven't gotten to it. So many books so little time.

    Great interview.