Friday, December 21, 2012

Review: Elemental Shining (Paranormal Public #3)

Author: Maddy Edwards
Format: ebook
Print Length: ?
Publisher: self-published
Published: December 6, 2012

Charlotte Rollins returns to Public for her sophomore year excited to keep learning about her elemental powers and spending time with her friends. She is hoping for a normal semester after the strange events that took place throughout her freshman year. What she quickly realizes is that for her, normal is strange events. Battle springs up quickly, and although the paranormals thought they had the demons contained - and that Charlotte was safe - they soon find out just how wrong they were.

My Thoughts

When we last saw Charlotte her first year at Paranormal Public was coming to an end. Everyone was going home for summer break- everyone that is but Charlotte as she is of course the only living elemental in the paranormal world. The demons have committed genocide of almost the entire race. Charlotte’s mom had hidden her well. Keller and her were getting close, but with summer vacation who knows.

The opening scene of Elemental Shining is so surprising, so unreal that I had to catch my breathe. Once I realized that it was only a dream, I was able to breathe normally again. Although, later in the book when Charlotte is reading a book about elemental dreams, I started to bite my lip again.

First the deans tell Charlotte to not practice her elemental magic- umm hello that is like telling us to not ohhh breathe. Then the professors in their infinite wisdom have decided that the paranormals needed battle field practice. So they group them up, and start having Tacticals. Now, normally I would be all for learning to defend yourself. But they take Lisabelle, Keller and Sip away from Charlotte. The only one on her team she can trust is Lough- the dream giver. The rest of her team is freshmen. This seriously would not have been a concern if Lisabelle’s Uncle Risper was still on campus but he was off chasing some ghost like thief, named Elam.

Camilla is as sweet and as silly as ever (insert eyeroll here). She has the entire pixie side hating the very site of Charlotte. She tends to read this stupid columnist who says the demons will leave everyone alone if Charlotte were dead. Needless to say as the demon attacks in the paranormal world increase throughout the semester so does the animosity of the student body. Their anger pointed directly at Charlotte (the very student who saved their lives twice now).

Keller’s aunt is doing everything in her power to separate them. She hates that they are together, especially since mixing of paranormals is well looked down upon. Keller, knowing this decides to open show the entire student body that he is with Charlotte. She wonders though when the stress of it will get to him.

A paranormal named Shadow (because he truly does stick to the shadows) is slipping on and off the campus. How no one knows but clearly he is after something or someone. Lisabelle and Sip are as amazingly supportive and snappy as they have always been.

When you look at the unlikely trio one cannot help but wonder how or why they are friends- the darkness mage filled with anger, the peppy ware-gal and the only remaining elemental in existence. What a strange yet loyal friendship.

There are a few new characters added into the mix and sadly there are more deaths. Elemental Shining is a great addition to the series. With each new book the series just keeps getting better and better. I do wish there was a little bit more showing of Keller and Charlotte’s relationship. I also felt like it was time for Lisabelle to acknowledge that both dream givers got a thing for her. Sip giving up on boys was a bit of surprise as was one hot vampire’s reaction to her declaration. The book was just uploaded and yet I cannot wait to find out what happens next.

My Rating 4 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “Someday you’re going to meet someone scarier than you are, Lisabelle, and then what will you do?” Sip said.

Other Characters

Lisabelle- darkness mage, everyone but a handful are terrified of her. She kinda rocks my world.

Sip- tiny ware-gal born into a family of males, people underestimates her due to her size. She is a bossy gal though, with some backbone. She bosses Lisabelle and Uncle Risper around. 
Vanni- Fallen Angle on Charlotte’s Tactical team, has a thing for Keller. Daisy- another darkness mage that starts at Public this year. She is a hybrid vampire/darkness mage. 
Dobrov- Daisy’s twin, on Charlotte’s Tactical team.


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  2. This is all kinds of awesome. I was sooo happy. Just lovely :-) I love your favorite quote too! Sip's so funny and awesome!!