Thursday, December 27, 2012

Character Interview: Rayna from the Protector series

Recently, I got to sit down and chat with Rayna from the Protector Series.  Which was really cool since, well to be honest, she has not had a lot of free time lately.  She has been a little busy saving the world.

Rayna~ thank you so much for stopping by. I hope the trip down wasn't too bad, at least the weather here is warmer than what you are used to this time of the year. 

The last couple of months have been a little rough you, so hopefully these questions will be a relaxing break from all the fighting.

You are of demon and hunter descent. Usually hunters well, hunt demons. Did being raised by a hunter make your childhood weird?

I guess to anybody else it would be weird, but it was just the way things were. Other than when she died, I don't have many memories of my mother, so growing up with Marcus was normal to me.

It wasn't easy though. Being somewhat involved in the Underworld, I couldn't tell anyone I was a hunter, but they knew there was something…different about me. Because of that, I was always on the outside looking in. On the other side of the scale, I could never be a part of the hunter world either, so I had Marcus and that was my life.

Speaking of childhood, you recently discovered that your biological father was alive. You even got to meet him. How did that go for you? Were you excited, nervous or something else entirely?

I always dreamed of how exciting it would be. I had it built up inside my head that it would be a magical experience. But when, and the way it happened, just left my head spinning. I was in total shock. With the changes I was going through, I couldn't deal. Even now, after it's all been put on the table, I keep my distance. There is just too much happening right now and there isn't time to focus on that. But maybe, if we win and all this goes away…he'll be able to be a part of my life.

In Released Grams says something about fathers and dads- the difference between the two. Do you look at Marcus as well a daddy figure?

Marcus has been my guardian since I was eight. He's been someone I've respected and loved my entire life, but we've never had a father-daughter bond. He's always looked out for me, I know he always will, and I'll forever be able to count on him, but he's just…Marcus. I know he cares about me, but he controls his emotions so much that I don’t think we ever could've had that type of relationship.

That Grams is a hoot- what is like to be learning witchcraft from her? Have you learned anything more about your summoner abilities?

As a person, Grams is…not afraid to say what's on her mind. She's easily frustrated and because of that, I don’t think she was really designed to be a teacher. She does get the job done, but it's not under the best circumstances. It's very stressful. At least it was for me.

As far as my summoner abilities, from what I understand, it's like a muscle. Once you know how to use it, nobody can help you strengthen it. You have to keep using and pushing it, and as you do, it grows stronger.

Not only are you a witch but you can shift into a werecat. Incredibly cool! What does it feel like? Which do you like better: your human form or cat form?

It's the most painful experience I've ever had. Even now, having learned control of it, it still hurts. You're bones literally break and reshape themselves in minutes. Your muscles tear, grow, and expand throughout your whole body, and your skin rips apart as you're forced into the most excruciating positions. It's horrible. I'm told the older shifters don't even feel the pain anymore, but right now I avoid shifting for as long as possible. If given the choice, I'll choose human every time.

You and Chase have gotten close recently. But then you tried to slow things down- do you regret that?

I…I don’t think either of us knew what we were doing. We still don't. I mean, when it comes to this kind of thing, does anybody? If you take a step back from it all, slowing down was a smart move. There is so much we're still learning about one another and the last thing either of us needed was a distraction from Riley and the Dark Brothers. But…I'd be lying if I said I wasn't happy with the way things were going. As much as he can be a complete ass (nothing a punch in the nose doesn't fix), he also sweet, and loyal. Things don't always go his way, but he always has good intentions.

If you could tell Chase something right now what would it be?

Stop doubting yourself. Your will is so much stronger than any magic could ever be. The only thing holding you back is the thought that you're not good enough, not strong enough, not smart enough. That's something that has always haunted you, and it's time to put it in the past.

The future is so uncertain by if you could guess where do you see yourself in ten years?

With the way the last few months of my life have gone, I don't dare guess where I'll be in two weeks, let alone two years. But I 'hope' I'll be back in Stonewall, fighting the good fight. There's enough evil in this world as it is, we don't need anybody else's. I'm hoping the wall that kept earth blocked from the other dimensions all these years is back in place, and all I have to worry about is my world…my home.

Let’s talk favorites:

Drink- Iced Tea

Color- Red 
Food- Burgers and Fries 
Book- Defense Against Demons 
TV show- Supernatural 

WOW!  A gal who loves iced tea (hopefully its sweet ice tea) and Supernatural is a gal that I can hang out with anytime!  Thanks so much for stopping bye. Good luck with everything!

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  1. Loved this! Rayna is an all time favorite character of mine. :)

    1. She is one of my favorites too! Although- I love me some Grams!

  2. Totally loved the interview! Thanks for being part of the tour.