Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Character Interview wtih Burnett from Whispers at Moonrise


In one week, Whispers at Moonrise will be released.  I am very excited about it as Shadow Falls is one of my favorite series.  I had the fabulous opportunity to sit down with Agent Burnett to chat for a few minutes.  For a vampire and an FRU agent he is pretty hot!
Burnett- Thank you so much for agreeing to talk to me.  I know that you are extremely busy balancing FRU responsibilities with your camp responsibilities.  So we will just go ahead and jump right into the interview.

You are an agent for the FRU, how does that influence your role at Shadow Falls?

It influences it a lot, but it hasn’t prepared me to deal with the issues there. As an agent, I’ve trained and know how to protect myself and my team. But I don’t have a clue how to deal with teens and their teen problems. Nor do I have a clue how to deal with one redheaded sexy fae who pushes all my buttons.
That said, recently I’ve found my loyalties lie with Shadow Falls. I really hope I can continue to do both. I don’t think the FRU is big bad monster that some people perceive it to be. The fact that I’m keeping some secrets from the FRU eats at me, but I worry that If I don’t the actions of the FRU might not be the best for Kylie Galen.
You have recruited several of the students into doing undercover work for the FRU, does this conflict with your role as an advisor to Shadow Falls?
No, the FRU is what saved me from getting into trouble. It taught me discipline, how to protect myself and how to protect others. I’m very careful of the assignments I send my young agents on. Yes, there is still danger, but the lessons they will learn far outweighs the risk.
What advice concerning relationships would you give Lucas and Derek?
That’s hard one because I know they both are crazy about Kylie. And one of them is going to lose out. Or heck, maybe both. They are young. But I guess I’d tell both of them what a very smart person, named Kylie Galen, told me. Never give up. Love is worth going after, even if you lose, you still know you gave it your all.
You are very protective of Kylie and Holiday, will that protection loosen up a little? Or is it going to get tighter?
How do you not protect someone you love? And if you’ve read Whispers at Moonrise, you know how important both of those girl are becoming to me. Kylie grandfather said that I was like her segregate father. That’s pretty scary because I don’t think I know how to do that. I never knew my father, so I never had an example of how one should be. But if it means being protective and looking out for her, then, yeah, maybe I am.
Where do you see Miranda, Della and Kylie ten years from now?
I just hope they are happy and still a part of my life. Miranda and Kylie I think will be married and have careers. Those two just have seem the type to fall in love and marry young. But Della, I don’t know. It’s gonna take a special guy to be able to live with her. Don’t get me wrong, she’s one special girl, but she has hard headedness down to a science.


  1. Nice. I liked it. He's really more open than I thought.

    I do hope Burnett will find his happiness. Who knew he didn't have a father figure to set as an example. No wonder he's so allergic to sensitive stuff, even though he's softening right now. Man, I really am setting a celebrity image of him in my head.

  2. I love this interview!!! Burnett really opened up and I understand him a little more, can't wait for the book to come out!!