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Review: Wicked Lies

Review: Wicked Lies
Author Megan Montero
Format e-ARC
Print Length 359 pages
Publisher self
Published 6/22/20

My power doesn’t lie but everyone else does…

Ever since Beckett Dustwick walked into my life, I’ve only wanted one thing…him. To bad he doesn’t feel the same way. Our soulmate mark tells me we are destined to be together an important fact he lied about. But a broken heart won’t stop me from showing him exactly what I think. He may have started this game, but I will finish it.

Our enemies are growing in number with each passing moment. And the fight for the warlock council has never be more dangerous. It’ll take all of the heirs to bring them down along with their mysterious benefactor. We’re in the fight of our lives and I want to turn to Beckett, to trust him. But he’s been lying to me in a big away and I’ve learned the hardest lesson of all. In the end…everyone lies.

My Opinion

Wicked Lies (The Royals: Warlock Court Book 3) is the third book in the second “season” of The Royals. At the end of Wicked Queen, Beck and Grayson are sent home to sort out their houses (warlock and vampire) this is Beck’s story. While you don’t have to start with the first set of books, I highly recommend it. There will be spoilers from the first season as well as the first two books in this season, Wicked Omen and Wicked Wish in this review- consider yourself warned.

Astrid’s life is going well, pretty great. She is in a school to learn her powers, which are getting stronger. Her human bestie, Tilly is with her- the first human ever at Warlock Academy. She has a soulmate, that is keeping their bond a secret. So maybe her life isn’t so great after all. Why would her soulmate want to keep her a secret? As the saying goes Hell has no fury as a woman scorn, look out Beckett! Speaking of looking out, the warlock council is making a power play. Will the heirs be able to stop them?

The friendship of Astrid, Tilly and Ophelia grow into a beautiful trio of girl power. One hundred percent adore how they are always willing to support the other. Ophelia has no clue what Beckett did to earn Astrid’s wrath; she just knows that Astrid is hello kitty pissed. She jumps to help Astrid with her revenge all the same. Speaking of revenge- our girl sure is creative! I mean, the things that Beckett endures well it would make a wicked warlock proud.

Beckett has a lot going on. The pressure of being the heir that leads the others is getting to him. He has no clue why his soulmate is angry with him. The warlock council is trying to ensure that they stay in power forever. The fallen cannot help him, thanks to the rules. So, the ultimate decision on how to respond to the council is up to him. 

The other heirs: Cross is in his happy place, beside Ophelia. Man is whipped and it shows, since they deserve their happy ending no one minds too much. They both bring their A game to the fight. Logan is well Logan. Sometimes he is MIA, I mean dude is dating a warlock. Maze steps up to a whole new level of wicked. He is one powerful warlock! I think honestly, he broke me this time as in I had to step away from the scene, pop some popcorn and take a deep breathe kinda break. What he sees, relives over and over again, a lesser man would not have responded his way. Tears formed, hand over mouth how the heck will they fix this? So many questions…

This one hits the ground running and you do not stop! Be prepared to feel all the feels, ALL THE FEELS because the heirs all bring it this time. The raw emotions that this book provokes will have you sitting with goosebumps on your arms, your hands shaking and tears- yes actual tears-in your eyes. The pop culture references sprinkled throughout the book will make any fangirl/boy heart burst with happiness. That ending, what a wicked ending it is. It will leave you stunned, blinking, thinking what the actual-there is no way it ends here. It does, and the link to the next one says it won’t be here until October. 

My Rating
5 stars out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “He bleeds, so technically I can kill him.”

Other People

Maze- one of the five founding bloodlines of the warlock court, physic
Tilly- Astrid’s human bestie
Orin- demon cat
Cross- one of the five founding bloodlines of the warlock court
Ophelia- she is still my favorite

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