Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Review: Of Flame and Fury

Author Cecy Robson 
Format e-ARC 
Print Length 282 pages 
Publisher self 
Published March 24, 2020 

Taran Wird, the loudmouth mistress of flame and lightning, didn’t want to attend the formal gathering of the supernatural elite. She did so only to help to unite the supreme beings in attendance in one common goal: protecting Taran’s sister, Celia.

Celia is pregnant with alpha werewolf Aric Connor’s child, the same child prophesized to save the world from uprising evil. Evil wants this child dead before he is born and, more importantly, before he can grow strong enough to stop it.

Taran and her werewolf lover, Gemini, put plans in place to protect Celia. Master Vampire Misha Aleksandr and his clan also swear their allegiance to Celia and vow to keep her from harm. The witches even cast protection spells around the manor to curse anyone with malintent who enters. Nothing was supposed to go wrong, except everything did.

Creatures that shouldn’t exist stalk the grounds and invade the premises, and every curse meant to shield the guests turns against them. No one counted on the powerful being who arrived uninvited. But he’s here, manipulating the magic enclosing the estate to work in his favor.

As body counts rise and allies become enemies, chances are Celia won’t survive the night. But evil never counted on how hard Taran Wird would fight, even at the expense of her life. 

My Opinion 

I have been reading about the Wird sisters (The Weird Girls series) since 2012, every book now is like returning home to see old friends. The Weird Girls series had six books in them, followed by this Flame series a spin off with Taran the loud, vocal, no holds barred sister. This book marks the end of Taran and Gemini’s spin-off. I have been reading about the Wird sisters (The Weird Girls series) since 2012, every book now is like returning home to see old friends. I suggest reading them in order, and since this is the last book in the Flames spin-off there may be spoilers from the previous books. 

Celia and Aric cannot catch a break, after all they have been through you would expect at least for them to get their happily ever after and a rocking chair on the front porch. No such luck, their child has been prophesied to bring about peace to the supernatural world and well there are some supes out there that really don’t want that. So there is a supernatural of summit of sorts to find allies to help protect her. Every precaution was taken to protect her, yet evil still attacks the manor. Fate deals them a heavy hand, the creatures they have to fight are well inventive to say the least. Destiny tries to intervene but Fate’s touch may just be the end for them. Will Taran be able to protect the rock of the Wird household or will the sisters fall one by one? 

I absolutely love Taran! She was my favorite sister in the original series and so when she got her own spin-off I knew I was along for a fabulous fun filled ride. Throw her spunky, spirited, snarky sailor mouth in and I am there, all day every day. I want her to be one of my best friends and here is why. Over the last nine books you see character development like no other. Not only that, she still retains the elements that made her unique from the beginning. Taran has always been a powerhouse, yet sometimes fear or the opinions of others would prevent her from showing off her kick-butt self. No more! All she needed was her sister to be in danger and the girl comes in with the gloves off, swinging. In this book she is gusty, aggressive and determined to save her sister and her unborn nephew. To top this book sundae off, Gemini, her love interest since the beginning is absolutely the cherry! 

Gemini has dealt with Taran’s sweet side, and her nutty side but dang her protective side has not come out like this before now. Instead of holding our girl back, Gemini supports her totally, 100%. Which is well hellva refreshing. Yes, he tells her to be careful then he kisses her and gets back into the fight. The fight last the ENTIRE book! How freaking awesome is that, he doesn’t doubt her once. Not once, which is really hard for an alpha male with his mate. His love, faith and pride in her shines through everything he does. The fact that he understands her and embraces all aspects of her personality makes him the perfect mate for her. 

The Wird sisters are squad goals. Seriously, the mixture of personalities, talents and abilities shine through their love for one another. Jealously never ever colors their relationships with each other. Always together, always supporting and fighting for each other. When I say there is a mixture of personalities I mean it. While I love the action, the suspense and the romance: it is the sister’s love for each other that made this entire series for me. That love shines through in all that they do in this book. 

OH MY GOODNESS! This one starts off with a bang and the hits just keep on coming all the way to the end. If you want an action-packed roller coaster of a ride, with a little dose of romance and tension mixed in then you need to read this. Adrenaline pumping, nerve wrecking, screaming at the book sprinkled with awe moments sealed the deal, this is still one of my favorite series! Where we will go from here only Cecy Robson knows but I am straight up praying that we find out what is going on between Bren and Emme because something is sure enough going on between them. 

My Rating 5 out of 5 stars 

Favorite Quote “You turn my worse times into my best.” 

Other People 

Aric- Alpha of Gemini’s pack
Celia- Taran’s oldest sister, shifter
Emme- Taran’s youngest sister, healer
Shayna- Taran’s younger sister, metal manipulator 
Bren- shifter, part of Gemini pack 
Destiny- supernatural worlds seer

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